'Tis the season of gift giving

I am going to go against the PC grain here - not surprising knowing how I am such not a fan of the political correctness movement.    I love Christmas and the whole decorating, present buying, way NY looks during this time season.  I cannot wait to put up a tree and the way it smells inside the house, getting out the decorations which as you hang them bring back memories of either the family moments I spent with my parents as some are from that time or of my first tree in my own first apartment (Charlie Brown tree for sure but mine) and of the things we have bought, gathered, made with my husband and the boys.  I do decorate my house, the menorahs they made sit proudly next to Hanukkah bear which is next to the Nutcrackers on the fireplace mantel.

I love the way lights up and decorations - and yes the crowds can be annoying - overall I find people are in better cheer.  Here is where the optimists reading this think everyone is in better cheer, the pessimists remember the angry driver who beeped at them while the light was just about to turn green and the realist in us knows it is both of these.

I know that people want me to say that it is about the spirit and the "feeling" of the season but while those things are true I have to admit it is also about the presents.  I just don't buy into the whole getting socks for Christmas is good because you needed them.  
There is no part of me that can relate to all this whiny there is no need to buy presents bandwagon that so many people (as they sport their latest Apple product to Tweet about it) keep trying to push on me for this season.  To all of you - well good for you hope you find happiness with granola cookies baked under the tree.  It is where I am so much more a capitalist because at Christmas I like to buy and get "stuff".  I like to buy presents that really make a person smile.  I am not downplaying the needy and those who cannot afford even their basic necessities but that's another discussions all together.  My pretending that I just want a nice pair of silk thermals when in reality the little blue box from Tiffany's would make me happier - well that just makes me a phony. 

I love buying presents - I could buy for the boys until their little heads would spin - and I know don't spoil them, they have too much  - but as long as it is not beyond your means what exactly is wrong with a day of spoiling them a little more than usual?  I look hard to find the presents that match each person, often from a nugget of information that we exchanged during the year.  Many of my friends have what they need and are fortunate in that respect so finding a present that is not a gift card is so exciting for me.  The giving is what makes me happy so budget gets stretched.  Hardest part is not the wrapping - not my best skill, though I love the pretty paper and even that I use with the receiver in mind  and I love the way a well wrapped present looks- but holding myself from giving the person the gift as soon as I get it.  I am that child like in my thrill to see if they liked it or not.

So as I make my list of gifts to get I remember how much the people who are getting these gifts mean to me all year round.  This month is all about how much I like this time of year ...and how I am not going to feel guilty about it while I shop, shop, shop - after all I am helping the economy....tootles

Come and trim my Christmas tree,
With some decorations bought at Tiffany's,
I really do believe in you,
Let's see if you believe in me......Eartha Kitt


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