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Little Darlings and other hot tales

Hot child in the city
Hot child in the city
Runnin' wild and lookin' pretty
Hot child in the city.....Nick Gilder

We just kicked off the summer with what has become our family's ritual, ending boys baseball season and going to our weekend place in Connecticut.  This is the weekend where we usually first foray to the beach and the Saturday that the Chorus of Westerly holds their annual music in the park performance.  We went before we had the boys and have been taking the boys as soon as they were born.  After all it is a free event, walking distance to our loft and in open air, at worst we thought we would have to leave early should our child(ren) not enjoy it or become disruptive.  I love the idea of a full fledged orchestra playing in open air.  Every year they also do a portion of the program with different music, opera arias, musicals, and this year swing (fantastic set and wow what a great singer they had up there).  We put our blanket down, along with the other few thous…

I want to know what love is...

I want to know what love is..I want you to show me ...Foreigner

I have always been honest about the fact that I was not always sure if I wanted to be a mother.  I am a person who enjoys her independence and that is coupled with the fact that I have a hard time giving someone that much control over my feelings and heart.  I also was not sure if I would be a mother who took my independence to a place where a child felt it as distance.  I did not swoon over babies, still think many newborns look slightly underdone, and never baby sat so no I did not dream of it like many do.  

I enjoyed my 20s and part of my 30s with all that I had.  I traveled, I partied and I partied while I traveled.  I   did not like to be kept track of and had to learn to compromise on that with the men I was with ...because at heart I am a person who really likes to wander.  As we decided to get married, after a crazy long dating relationship (fine be me to not have rushed - I never really played wedding even as a gi…

Cause my heart belongs to Daddy

Dancin' on daddy's shoes
Dancin' all around the room
Rollin' the rug up—kickin' our heels up
Dancin' away the blues...........................Leon Redbone

As Father's Day approaches I thought I would give a big shout out to all you Dads out there.  It is not easy being the Dad - after all even the best of you don't get the same credit as being the Mom (as it should be says this Mom). I had a turbulent relationship with my own Dad, he was a fairly moody guy so this is not that surprising to anyone who knew us well.   As I get older and am past being mad, sad, quick to blame and all the other negatives that really have been discussed and put (where they belong) in the past I can now glance back at my  relationship with him and remember the times (and there were many) where I loved being with my Dad.

I remember Saturdays with my Dad. When I was young my Mom worked and he did not on that day.  We would wake up and after he let me watch cartoons, I cleaned the …

Shaking my head and getting madder

I AM SKINNY...there it is on the internet and it must be true.  I am an average person who understands that is kind of silly but it seems that this kind of thinking is becoming more prevalent.  It is also part of what I see as a really scary move away from facts and science and into the realm of junk that once I put it out there it must be true. The other part of this that is actually more frightening is the fact that we expect People, the STAR and other tabloids to be just that...entertainment, with a wink and a nod that says if you put two people who are famous in the same zip code you can say they were abducted by aliens and are now having a love child.  I do not expect that from the NY Times and other newspapers.  If I did than I would expect those newspapers to change their tag lines to I AM BIASED TOWARD XXX PARTY and will blindly advance their agenda so this is not a newspaper but a giant OP ED page.  If they are not willing to do that well then they should do something called …

Bergdorf Blondes and other hair adventures

The blonde in the bleachers
She flips her hair for you...Joni Mitchell

I once read an article in the NY Times that could have been written about me and obviously applied to a lot of people.  If you dye your hair blonde after a while you do not realize how blonde you are and start chasing a blonde you see in pictures or on others that in reality you may already have or surpassed.  The other day I broke down, or shall I say am broke now from it, and went back to the place that did my favorite ever blonde highlights at John Barrett Salon in Bergdorf Goodman.  I have chased a certain shade of wheat, butter but not beer without a hint of caramel blonde many a time.  I like being a blonde and go ahead let the jokes come down.

I love BG, because I always try and imagine what it was like to live there during the time it was still a Fifth Ave mansion along with all the other magnificent mansions, most of which sadly no longer survive.  It is such an elegant place and they have perfected the art o…