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All those things you didn't say

Not too long ago a classmate of mine passed away suddenly.  We were no longer close, if I was to be honest we were casual friends even in high school.  However, we kept in touch via FB and had just exchanged a few lines about a week before he died.  

It got me thinking of all the things we may not say - either because we forgot or because we feel there will be another time or are afraid of what we may not get back - to those people we care about.  Sometimes we are just busy saying all the things that we feel they need to hear (advice with good intent).  Other times we just think of them as always going to be here.

I was sad to hear my classmate had died - he was young and had a great smile that even after all of these years would light up the page when you saw it even just on FB.   He was a good guy.  I am not sure I ever told him what a good guy he was because in my mind he knew it, he lived it, we were not that close, and a host of other reasons.  

Tell the people that you still get bu…

Two dates 9/9 and 9/11 that define my life

My boys and I just watched "Mr. Holland's Opus" together.  One of those movies that I can watch over and over.  There is so much to be learned about appreciating what a good teacher can do, what music and art can mean to the development of children.  There is the need to remember that our children are not what we want but their own people with faults and gifts that we may not have asked for.  

In it there is a very touching scene about one of the students that dies in the Vietnam war.  My sons were very moved by it, as was I, especially at the tragedy of war.  They agree that war is "stupid".  As we sit at the edge of over a decade of wars, at a Middle East that is quickly going on fire, at more wars than ever were in the Cold War era and on the brink of what could be yet another folly at the expense of young lives it really makes me sad and angry that we cannot focus on what is important. Important like education, art, music and reminding each other to not wors…

For Kids Only

As a working mom you seem to take on some different guilt than a mom who is not working outside the house.  They have their share, we have shared guilt, but we working moms have our guilt that comes from working.  If you like your job, like I do, and feel your career is important and that you want to work - well that is a therapy session that will put that psychologists kids through college.  I love being a Mom and I enjoy spending time with my boys, especially now that they are interactive and beyond the crawl stage. They still need me and think I am beautiful, smart, talented and know a lot but are old enough to have conversations with.  I happen to also have two very funny kids so there is a lot of laughter, singing in the car and general good times around here. 

 My first experience with daycare was at my job, great perk, went like this (after nanny decided that inability of child to sleep all day as he became mobile would interfere with her ability to join him in sleeping all day …