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Travelling through continents and time with Sinatra

I just updated my list with the latest book that I finished.  I had set a goal of reading 62 books and I did it, there were books that got read in a couple of days and there were books that took me a while.  I traveled through these books to Australia in the Light between the Oceans (and winced as a mother for both women in that book), I went to Norway and Sweden and realized yeah that idyllic life the media here keeps telling us about - not so much - there are violent and bad and good and oh yeah people are people everywhere even with an exorbitant tax rate and universal health care.  There were the times I cried for the senselessness of wars (Iraq Yellow Birds and Homefront or Vietnam The Things they Carried) and the survivals (Argo and Unbroken).  "Oh my " trips to the red room - spank me now - and crazy twists with "Gone Girl" - still shaking my head from that ending. Rediscovering Somerset Maughan and travelling through the 20s (Chaperone) and th…

Merry Christmas

So the final wrapping has been done...the cookies for Santa have been bought....and I am ready to enjoy the next couple of days with my family.

As an atheist I do not get anything except a smile when people wish me a Merry Christmas.  I know that there are those out there who do not like it because they are of a non-Christian faith, or of no faith or just a pain in the butt but for me it is a better thing to say than ...I hate you ..I hate this season...or anything else that does not bring to mind the smell of fir trees, glittery paper and overall a spirit of giving. 

Christ was a man whose basic goal was to spread a message of love and kindness....for me he did not need to be more because if we all spent more time being kind to others well would the world would be just that much better off. You need to understand the message even if the messenger means different things to you.  We need to stop asking for others to be exactly the same as us and remember it is the differences that make t…

A wrapping I will go..high ho..

Deep breath in and out and in and out....I just read a wonderful blog about trying to squeeze all things in as a Mom...and at this time of year K you nailed it....I hesitate to even glance at the still growing list of stuff I have to do.  The presents were given for Hanukkah, not bad considering I am not Jewish, well except for one night. Oh ok I missed one came home and orbited me like planets around the sun ...tired I did not gently in my best Brady Mom voice ask (oh ok I may have been a bit snarky ...I was tired ..eye roll) "what is it?"...and then the disappointment until I lied...yep I lied...told them of course I did not forget ...come on how could I forget...seeing the light in their eyes as I told them their gift was.........$5 each of Itunes center field Mommy catches the ball - strike 3 and the crowd goes wild!!!! 

Then on to ordering Christmas presents, buying said presents in stores, hiding said presents in deepest parts of basement ...lucky…

I am not ok....yet

I am not ok - have not been all day since I heard about the shooting in Connecticut.  I was not ok even before I knew how many children were killed ...and I was most certainly less ok when I found out the total number of victims.  I am not blaming a god I do not believe in and I find no comfort in trying to convince others of anything other than they should find comfort where they can.

I am not ok today - and I have not felt this powerless, shocked, angered, sad, and confused since 9/11.  I do not blame the tv, the mental health system, politicians or gun makers.  I do hope that getting a gun is something that requires more screening than it currently does in many places and maybe the question or really who needs anything other than rifle for personal use?  I mean automatic weapons - what the f*&k are you hunting? It is not ok to have lax gun laws - they need to be much stronger. Though let's not kid ourselves they will not be a magic shield they will be a deterrent in many c…

Days go slow but years fly by

I just recently heard this expression and I thought it was brilliant.  This time of year always makes me stop, blink and wonder where did the year go???? 

I remember being a kid and thinking the year 2000 -- wow big deal - and then Y2K - and now 12 years into the double Os and that seems like so long ago.  I look at Facebook and wonder how my high school friends could possibly have high school kids of their own ?  I read my sons' Santa letters and know these are going to be a thing of the past sooner than ever ...gone will be the magic that they have in thinking that there is someone out there who grants wishes just because they wrote him a letter.  

So here I am again this time of year and wondering where to next?  I mean how did I get to be 45 ???? I often joke with a good friend about how long we have been friends - because it seems that 15+ years could not really have gone by since we first met.  I am not one to want to repeat stages of my life - they are great memories and I am…

'Tis the season of gift giving

I am going to go against the PC grain here - not surprising knowing how I am such not a fan of the political correctness movement.    I love Christmas and the whole decorating, present buying, way NY looks during this time season.  I cannot wait to put up a tree and the way it smells inside the house, getting out the decorations which as you hang them bring back memories of either the family moments I spent with my parents as some are from that time or of my first tree in my own first apartment (Charlie Brown tree for sure but mine) and of the things we have bought, gathered, made with my husband and the boys.  I do decorate my house, the menorahs they made sit proudly next to Hanukkah bear which is next to the Nutcrackers on the fireplace mantel.

I love the way lights up and decorations - and yes the crowds can be annoying - overall I find people are in better cheer.  Here is where the optimists reading this think everyone is in better cheer, the pessimists remember the angry driver …