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My kids and my money go to University

There have been several discussions lately that question the validity of a the need for a college education.  As the price of colleges and universities has hit record highs the question has been asked "is it worth the $90,000 or more" that everything from state to private colleges cost.

For me if your child can go to college, like they actually can do it intellectually (this is not a knock by the way - there are minds that do not think in a structured academic way..but I will get to that), and wants to go then why are we even having this discussion?  I know that in many countries kids can only apply at one college, the one that is very specialized like pre-med or engineering, making it a decision on a career with few alternatives.  There are places where it is forbidden for many to pursue an education.  Some countries place so much emphasis on getting a degree with good grades that it actually leads to suicide in those children who struggle.  Those are all extremes and need t…

Question everything

I recently started watching "Cosmos" with my sons - this new version is really even more awe inspiring than the first one - mostly because the people who watched the first one as children were inspired to even greater scientific and technological advances that resulted in this new series. 
For someone who tolerates math, especially as it becomes advanced I know my brain just fights it, there is some irony on how much I love science and technology.  I also find that if the person explaining it to me happens to have the gift that sets them apart, that gift to have a way of telling me about advances or experiments in a way that leaves me with an understanding and a yearning for more (this is not a common gift for the scientific community - it is where they often lose out to public sentiment and myth) well then I slightly swoon as if they were rock stars.  
The show's premier episode was one of wonder - like that little kid wonder when you see a movie for the first time.  It r…

Leaning in without tipping over

This past Sunday was International Women's Day and I have to say that for all the envious glances I give the male gender, the ability to let things go and not over analyze tops the list, I am thrilled to be a woman. I am also amazed by the women who I have in my life. Some are close friends, some best friends, some Facebook connections and some just lucky to have met through one of the latter. They range in ages, ethnicities, religions or lack thereof, they are like me and total opposites in terms of everything from careers to politics. They are all passionate, beautiful, sexy and embrace their femaleness with abandon. I love to hear their point of view and their advice is always heartfelt.

I recently read "Lean In" and through it all I was awed by her success and drive, annoyed by her long list of multitasking feats, bit envious of what appears to be perfect hair, and at times feeling bit short on my own less than perfect life. I then read an article in the Washington P…

Report Cards - foe or goal setter?

It is report card time in my town.  Children today have no delay or diversionary tactics since I get an email and log on to see them.  There is no "misplacing" it until after a party, say if you were less than stellar, no "imitation is the best form of flattery" through signing of one's parents name on a report card or test.  There is the email and I log on.  I did "delay" the presentation of a report card a few times in my life but I was afraid of the consequences of trying to sign my parents name to one.  

I grew up in a house where my mother pushed for good grades but was fairly reasonable about it and my father demanded them.  He meant excellent grades - like a B was cause for yelling and seeing it as a failure to myself, to him, to the reason they moved for a better life in the US (I am sure world hunger and lack of world peace were probably tied to my grade but at some point I tuned out).  My father parented with the approach that the good grades…