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Marilyn or Jackie

I don't mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it.
Marilyn Monroe

A lot has been written about these two women, against these two women, and discussed about these two women. Interestingly enough they are two women whose power, or perceived powerlessness at times, comes from the public persona they shared with the world.  No one really knows them but we talk of them as we do of family members, someone we could be or avoid becoming.  They are a study in light and dark, hair color and again what has been told of their lives.  They are women who let the men they chose to be with choose who they were with them.  They supposedly share a place in a man's heart and bed....yet we do not know if Marilyn ever actually had an affair with John....most documentation points to Robert.

At different times I think we, as women, are Jackie and Marilyn.  I know that when it comes to the reaction people have to their physical types most people prefer, strongly, one of the ot…

I won the lottery!!!!!

I didn't but reading about the person who "possibly" won, ticket hers but misplaced or whatever story was last out, I guess I could say it too.  I do not gamble and that includes the weekly pilgrimage to the lotto machine.  I do not play slots or any of those casino games and though I enjoy a day at a nice track (NY's Saratoga or San Diego's Del Mar) or watching the big horse races on tv (yes I like the hats and the whole show) I do not associate gambling with anything other than some painful memories of a father who enjoyed it more than the wallet and his family did.  

However, when the lotto jackpot his $240+ million I too went and bought a ticket, and needed instruction on how to fill out the lotto ticket -- not for me the Quick Pick -- if I was going to be a millionaire I was going to earn it.  This giant jackpot...well it got into everyone.  The best part was that as we started talking about it the jackpot became all or nothing.  It was not enough for us to w…

Men...sheesh and smooches

For those of us who are married to, in a relationship with, or just have to deal with them we often feel it is like dealing with a different species...and yes we often treat it like the little bus, special needs species.  I find myself guilty of this...I try and pride myself on my lack of generalizations about people based on a singular trait yet when it comes to men...guilty, guilty, guilty....I have partaken and been the ringleader in many a men bashing session.  

It is (ok here comes the justification) just that men will get the brunt of whatever ire I have based on the one I am currently with and there are traits that seem to be universal. Here are some I have seen based on discussions I have had across ethnic, religious, age divides with other women;  it appears that the majority think there is a secret hiding place for the things we all use in the same house daily.  Maybe they think that to get to the cereal you must go through the Maxwell Smart labryinth passing a retinal scan p…