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Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free.

One of the many memorable quotes from one of my all time favorite movies "Shawshank Redemption".  Based on a short story written by Stephen King, from a book of 4 short stories all of which are amazing and totally not what you would expect when you first hear who the author is. 

That movie with it's blurred lines of who was a "good" guy and who was a "bad" one; which reminds us that oppression thrives with fear and stagnation, came to mind as I read about the protests in the Middle East.  Looking at these events from a far I see a moment of great hope.  Hope that the young people of these nations will embrace a move forward and not toward another more vile and oppressive regime.  A hope that this propels that area to the realization that hate is the biggest oppressor of all and that liberation comes through freedom from the fear of moving forward.

Much like Andy wrote to Red"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever di…

Great Expectations.....or at least reasonable ones

Starting this blog was a HUGE leap for me.  I have written for years but shared little with a very limited audience.  The reason for this is fairly obvious to me....what will people think ?  Drivel, crap, not so bad....whatever the feedback (in keeping with who I am) I would only remember, obsess and focus on the negative reviews.  This has led to the "ostrich head in sand" approach to the material I have written.  

Yet here I am ....and there you are reading this.  What will you read in this blog?  You will find some very funny stories about my children, the humor is not only in the writing it is in the actions and sayings they provide as material.  There will be commentary (all opinions expressed here are only those of the management and have no disclaimers) on book/music/tv/movie reviews, politics, world/local events.  You may also find yourself getting a chapter, a short story or a poem that I have written occasionally (if my courage kicks in). 

I am not a big fan of Dic…

Ode to our beta fish "Batman"

Last night we said goodbye to the boys' beta fish Batman. We have had many fish in the past couple of years but Batman was our first and longest survivor. Needless to say the boys were very sad and we had to have a ritual burial at "sea". The hardest part was the questions after; "Why do things die Mommy?" and "What happens to Batman now?" coming from two small boys through a lot of tears.  I answered them with my truth on this subject....I am not sure.  I asked them to remember how much they liked Batman and how he had made them happy while he lived in their room.

This worked well with my kids. They are still sad and truth be told, considering I was the one who had to clean his bowl and bemoaned this periodically, I miss the little guy too.  They are looking forward to drawing pictures of Batman to remember him by and to buying new fish.  Dealing with death is not easy but I choose to remember the smiles we shared rather than give in to the sadness of…

Narcissus would approve

To blog or not to blog....that would be the question in this century?  Part of me thinks is this the ultimate incarnation of Narcissus? Me, me and oh yeah here is some more info about me.  However, the part of me that has always kept a journal, who has written many stories and not shown them to anyone got so excited at the prospect of finally having a place to put my creative writing tendencies. 

As usual this will lead me down the path of will anyone read it ? If yes what will they think? If not is it the final crushing truth that I am not the writer that I wish I were.  You know the one....who always dreamt she wrote her first novel at 20, 30, oh yeah am in the 40s....whose first novel left the literary snobs wishing for more and yet had the selling power of Danielle Steele. 

In the end at 40, much like being a blonde by choice, this will be something I do because I want to and I enjoy it.  I hope the one (dare I hope for more) who reads will get a smile and share a feeling with some…