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When Tuesday became a Monday

 Considering that Memorial Day is a solemn occasion, and I am humbled by the sacrifices so many have made willingly in defense of basic freedoms especially those who died in battle, I cannot help but also revel every year when it is on my calendar.

It is the "unofficial" start of summer for most of us - for me it has moved to my personal official start.  It means that it is time for less clothes, more time at the beach and vacations.  It also means it is time for more reading.  I am a voracious reader but it is in summer at the beach often that I can actually plow through books rather than snippets in my daily life at home.

I spent the weekend reading from a book called The One and Only to Wonder.  They could not have been more different in every aspect yet I really enjoyed having the time to lose myself in both.  Lose myself  - I mean I tend to tune out when I am deep in a book.  I also find a book really good if I close it and spend time thinking about what happened to the c…

Keeping the kimono closed

I love technology - really am total geek and proud that I get excited by the cool things that have come out.  I was a first adopter of the ipod, love my ipad and cannot imagine life without a computer personally or at work.  That's the just the tip of the ice berg and there are many other technological advances that leave me awed.

Having said that I really am having a hard time with how it is also used to show everything.  I do mean everything - many times literally - is put out there.  I was watching only bits of the Jay Z and sister in law in elevator debacle and all I kept thinking was "wow - really?".  I mean who has not done something they would not want released from elevator camera.  Stop it yes you have - maybe adjusted an undergarment, men adjusted your groin area, checked out someone, picked a nose (have seen this eww), picked food out of teeth, dislodged the underwear that dreamed of being a thong and acted like one and then there are other things that most of…

It takes a village ..

I remember hearing this for the first time years ago and associated with Hillary Clinton.  I do not remember the exact context and it was before I had children so I kind of got it but not as well as I do now.

I grew up in cities and I always marvel at how people who did not have this assumption that there was no sense of community or that there was not a village feel to the raising of children.  I grew up in Astoria, part of Queens - most diverse living area in the world, yes the world - the place where almost every kid is bilingual as are their parents.  The place where religions, regions, ethnicities get jammed together, create small enclaves of their homelands and take trains that push them back together where they do not dislike each other as much as they equally and in solidarity complain about the subway, the parking and the weather (these 3 things are a New Yorker must and whatever else they are they are New Yorkers).  All up and down the block I grew up on, older women looked o…

Bicentennial Blog -

A little over 3 years ago a friend of mine started a blog - I was interested and asked a lot of questions about how it worked.  I decided to start my own right about that time and this friend was incredibly encouraging. 

Here we are and this is the 200 published blog .  Since Mother's Day is coming up I had planned on doing a blog about motherhood.  After all many of these blogs have been about the challenges and the tremendous satisfaction that I have found being a mother.  I am utterly amazed most days when I look at my sons and they are speeding toward adulthood - they really are fantastic people and I have changed so much since they have come into my life.  I have changed all for the better - I have learned a love that I could not imagine.  I thought also of motherhood because this blog is also my "baby".  I nurture it, I treat it with respect and I put it out into the world with pride and trepidation.  This blog is read worldwide, somehow, and I have gotten amazing f…