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After School Specials

I recently learned that Linda Ronstadt has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.  Among the songs I liked a lot that she sang was one called "When Will I Be Loved".  It was from an ABC after school special. 

It got me thinking about those after school movie specials and how we really do not have anything like them anymore.  There is a point in adolescences or slightly before where some subjects become necessary to discuss with someone who actually can provide you with guidance and factual information yet they still need to be seen as a "cool" source.  Your friends may have it but most likely they have it wrong.  Those movies were great because they dealt with subjects that were top of mind but rarely made it to a parental discussion for many of us. 

The topic the song Linda sang about was rarely discussed back then.  It dealt with a girl, who was known to be free with giving up her body, that is taken by her boyfriend after they drink (don't remember them …

To allow screen time or not to allow to screen time?!

We have an ongoing debate in our, we being my husband and I, house about electronics.  I am self-admitted tech geek since an early age I wanted a good stereo (got this from my Dad who also had to have an 8 track in his car, remote control tv and beta tape player), then a good boom box, onto a walkman, to a cd walkman, to first gen ipod to current i device madness.  I love the idea of what you can do with these devices - the information I can look up at my fingertips, movies I can watch on the train (more on that in a bit), books have gone electronic for me and music... there is so much music.  I take pics with my phone, connect via my phone -- oddly enough do not blog via my i devices and only because it does not work well. Of course I play some apps with my phone.. that Candy Crush, Plants v Zombies, Angry Birds bug has gotten me. 

So having said all of that I live with someone who still requires my assistance to scan items.  He has no interest in any of the above except for the ipad …

Sleep away camp


3 Women 4 Girls

Last weekend I got together with my friends who I have been friends with for 38 years.  We live scattered in New Jersey, New York, Mass, Romania but we are somehow never quite far apart from one another.  Our friendship has had it's many, many good times as well as the times when we needed to be our own people and with other people.  In the end this is my family, along with my 2 best friends, in a way that I could only hope all people could be lucky enough to have people in their lives.  We have been kids together and now enjoy our the kids we have when we could get together.  These get togethers require planning of a White House Chief of Staff level and we gladly do it because the hours we can spend together just add to the wonderful memories we still laugh and cry at when we do see each other.  

This time our friend Mary gave us a gift that I cannot thank her enough for.  She made us Mac photo books that spanned our lives together.  We laughed at the hairstyles, though acknowledg…