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Privacy v Parenting

Parenting for me is based on a few principles;

1) What I loved about how my parents did it
2) What made me feel awful that my parents did (this is not a knock on them as much as it is about being self-aware)
3) Learning from your current times and those in your social circle who you admire
4) Flexible and evolving way to parent
5) My most important - know your child

Having said that I grew up in a house, in an area, with the idea that privacy was a limited thing. Basically there was none - if you wanted privacy you learned the art of hiding well (cigarettes come to mind).   There was also no social media and the phone was in a place, attached to a wall, where "personal" conversations should never stray to where they could not be overheard by a parent.  Well you could have them, code was used, or before parents got home.  In a NYC neighborhood you were watched so your privacy was limited there too.  None of this actually prevented us from doing what I would kindly call stupid thing…

Charlie's Angels

I do not have a "process" per se on how I write my blog but there is a method to my madness. I usually get blog ideas as I am going through my days or in talking to people, sometimes from global or local events and mostly of whatever is floating in my mind.   There are some that will never make it past the start stage because they may feel more personal than a public forum merits.  As an idea pops into my head I tend to save the title as a draft - it does not mean it will be the following blog, some have been there for a year or more, but eventually it will feel right for me to take it on.

Last week it was Farah Fawcett's birthday and it got me thinking of my childhood.  I loved Charlie's Angels - I mean full on wanted to be her or the Cheryl Ladd character,  always vied to be it when my friends and me played it.  I wanted her hair, not likely to happen with my particular brand of curls and texture, and at the time my lack of tools and stylists but hey it was aweso…

The Angry People

I have always admired American optimism - it is not simple minded as cynics would like to say - I actually think it is a powerful force that drives toward greatness.

Europeans that I know have always been more cynical - compliments are often veiled with notes of how they hope you do not lose/crash/ destroy/get stolen whatever it is that you have.  It is a protective way of looking at the world - a world where there were powers that suddenly weren't, where identity is closely tied to your place of birth and where wars have ravaged the land.

Yet the States  - land of a new beginning, where you could be whatever you wanted the place to know you as - that came with optimism.  I see it in historical writings even up to the turbulent 60's - JFK with his message of "ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country", Dr. King with " I have a dream...".  These are the things that made us bounce back - these are not rose colored glasses …