A wrapping I will go..high ho..

Deep breath in and out and in and out....I just read a wonderful blog about trying to squeeze all things in as a Mom...and at this time of year K you nailed it....I hesitate to even glance at the still growing list of stuff I have to do.  The presents were given for Hanukkah, not bad considering I am not Jewish, well except for one night. Oh ok I missed one night...kids came home and orbited me like planets around the sun ...tired I did not gently in my best Brady Mom voice ask (oh ok I may have been a bit snarky ...I was tired ..eye roll) "what is it?"...and then the disappointment until I lied...yep I lied...told them of course I did not forget ...come on how could I forget...seeing the light in their eyes as I told them their gift was.........$5 each of Itunes Apps...in center field Mommy catches the ball - strike 3 and the crowd goes wild!!!! 

Then on to ordering Christmas presents, buying said presents in stores, hiding said presents in deepest parts of basement ...lucky I am not a eeek girl and cobwebs meet their match in my Swiffer, I am Princess Leia in that room that is locked all year and never used except for my stash at Christmas.  I am  sure the boys don't even know the door opens.  The first time I saw it my vivid imagination took me to the Amytiville house (and if you have to ask what that is - Google can help) ...previous owners of our house, well he was an artist so the room has red paint splattered on concrete walls, and really has no purpose that I can see except to be either Satanic ritual place or Return of the Jedi Spiderwebs ...perfect for hiding stuff from kids.  To my relief I have never seen pig eyes...again Google Amytiville Horror --- spooky movie.

On to going into said nasty room, music on because yes I will freak myself out, and wrap presents in a room with no real table top so my Romanian gymnast genes (non-existent but asked about often by those whose main knowledge of this small country is Nadia Comaneci and Dracula -- trust me I get a lot of weird flexible blood drinking questions) come in handy as I maneuver evil shaped (besides making these non-rectangle/square shapes can we also admit that the evil empire that makes these in factories also ensures that they are Homeland CIA worthy in terms of the number of twists, ties, mini bolts and other creative holds that no thief except one from the CIA would be able to undo, especially while children are screaming and you are trying not to run with scissors on Christmas morning) boxes into semi decent wrapped presents, scotch tape often in my hair, and then write the name tags with my left hand (am a rightie) so said children do not see my handwriting and realize Santa is just the fat guy who gets all the credit and Mommy gets all the credit card bills :)

Where is my husband, father of said children, ummm oh yeah usually tossing me a few things to wrap for his family (if he has not charmed me into - didn't want to say suckered - buying the gifts myself) and then watching some sort of ball game and flicking channels as if it was an Olympic sport.

Deep breath ....few more days....and in light of senseless tragedy well this is all worth it....a wrapping I will go a wrapping I will go.....


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