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La Dolce Vita

In the true spirit of the only other place that I could live besides my beloved New York this blog is not going to be long ... it is going to be short and sweet and require very little work.  It is going to be more about savoring the moments to come then worrying about the packing. In the true spirit of Italians I am going to shrug and think "ahh va bene" - it will be ok to do a piccolo blog.

Since I am going to be off tomorrow to that wonderful place that so easily calls to me - why not just take it down a notch or 10, breathe, see what I can accomplish and whatever I cannot well am sure I can do it when I get back.  

I am going to be living La Dolce Vita for the next 2 weeks in the land of ancient empires, modern fashion, amazing food and wine, the singsong language and of course the amazing people.  Ahh Italia here we come - the Big Love (what else would you call 2 families traveling together) adventure is about to start.  Did I mention my fascination with Vespas and gelato…

Us and Them

A friend of mine who has been working with Sandy Hook Promise, an organization started by parents whose children were taken from them through a horrific act, brought the group to our Village Fair recently.

It is a hard thing for me to talk about because I cannot imagine the horror of that day without crying and looking for my own children.  For those parents it will always be Us, we who can hug and kiss and scold and raise our children, and Them those parents who in an instant of such incomprehensible evil had their children brutally killed.  Their children - many still in the single digit ages. I will never pretend to understand their pain or any sort of connection to them on the level of pain that this must cause always. I can relate to them as a parent and as a human being in being horrified that this happened at all.

We hear a lot about gun violence - we hear the people shouting at one another.  We hear about how there should be stricter laws as others shout that guns do not kill p…

The longest week - last week of school

This is the last full week of school for my kids.  I remember the emotions from this time so well from my own school years and it is repeated with them.  Every day seems sooooo long and this week cannot end fast enough.... cause when you are a kid that means 2 months of summer fun.  

It is always bittersweet especially this year in my house.  Our town is on what is known as a Princeton plan which means pretty much every 2 years of elementary schools move to a different school.  So 1st and 2nd grade which were in one school now loses 2nd graders, my youngest, to the next school in the process for 3rd and 4th grade.  Since my kids are 2 1/2 years apart as one enters a school the next one exits so they will not be in same one until 6th and 8th and high school.  This causes some stress for the parents in this town but the kids love the adventure of it from what I can see.  This allows for class size to be set and also for children who are young not to be in same school with older kids.  It…

Hey Luke ... I am your Father


Oh yay another study/article/survey/buzzfeed on mothering..

Is it because it was just Mother's Day not too long ago - or the stars aligned -- or my own guilt about being sure I somehow should not care about these articles but do in some ways -- or just WTF?? At the same time one of my all time favorite movies, A Few Good Men,  has been on  - well I want to be all Colonel Jessup on behalf of all mothers out there.  That courtroom scene --never gets old.

About a year ago I rolled my eyes and in multiple languages told the author of the book about how her wonderful life in Paris made her observe how much better mothers are there ... yeah having been to Paris last year and to a park it seems that she must have found only the "perfectly coiffed" mothers because I found slightly rattled moms, moms that were yelling for and at their offspring just as much as here and no they were not sitting in lovely pencil skirts cross ankled holding a cigarette.  They were dressed in very chic clothes but then again so are many of the moms around m…