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Adulteress - rewriting history

Just finished what I would term a super light summer read "Scarlett Letter Society" which weirdly enough posed a lot of deep questions.  The basic premise is that this group of friends get together and read books about famous adulteresses and they are also all ones themselves.  I am not going to give it away but some are only so in their heads. 

To me the best part of the book was the discussions on the books that were about adultery, which they often did not read - in each one the men usually get off fairly unscathed and the women let's see;

Gets to wear the letter A on their chests and are an outcast - poor Hester (Scarlet Letter)
Loses everything must throw self under train - Bye Anna (Anna Karenina) 
Kills herself - rip Mme Bovary
Gets STD - really Judy Blume even you who so well treats growing young women until Wifey

If you go through modern or classical literature this is pretty much always the theme - woman is in a marriage or relationship that is not satisfying her emo…

The Splitter

Bet so many people will think different things seeing the title and then wonder at the picture.  Some will think of a gymnast who does splits well, some maybe an ax or something else that cuts wood, a type of baseball pitch, the person who got between you and your honey.  All valid none accurate for what I am thinking of.

I saw a movie a while ago, which I had to buy the soundtrack for (love good soundtracks but especially really good ones that were original music), called Begin Again.  The movie basically is about how the music business is more business than music, I know eye roll duh who doesn't know that - I think artists keep hoping it isn't, and this young girl who came over with her boyfriend from the UK to the States as he starts his meteoric rise.  Predictably he goes on tour and of course he succumbs to the adoration.  She is a song writer and meets a label owner who is a drunk, a basic fuck up but who knows his stuff.  Movie is not rocket science but I will not give a…

Raising Independent Kids

Let's start with I do not know where you grew up but where I grew up in the late 70s and 80s in NYC times were NOT safer.   The crime rate for a while was out of control, the city was falling apart, there were garbage strikes where I remember the nasty rats having feasts, crack and AIDS .. ok you got it - yes it was that bad graffiti subway laden thing you see in movies but with some "special" odors for effect.

It was the time when we cheered on vigilantes and supported groups like the Guardian Angels because at least someone seemed to not be overwhelmed into fear of the crime that was happening.

Ok got the picture - if you didn't Serpico/Death Wish/Sat Night Fever are all excellent movies for you to watch or read Bonfire of the Vanities.  Now amid this we had parents that loved us a lot.  I mean a lot.  I also, total dork alert, looked it up kidnappings/child kind were higher then and sexual abuse occurred.  So unto this those of us who lived in NYC or any place li…

The Sister Wife Club

Mother's Day week so worthy of being a 2 blog week.  

Of all the things that I have discovered about being a mother, total all engulfing love/patience/yelling at my kids/repeating some of the things my parents did and carefully avoiding others and so on, the biggest surprise for me has been the Sister Wife club.

To start I love that we took a misogynistic concept where women, and much too young girls, are given no choice and put together as wives to serve some man are termed Sister Wives and turned it on it's ass.  We own it now and boy that would make those men shudder .. yes!!! 

The Sister Wife club is essential in my life as it is in the lives of my fellow Sister Wives.  It is about the sisterhood created in this town for our children and for ourselves.  It is the way we split up responsibilities - you take the kids to baseball because I can't get there in time from work and you work from home and I will drive them after practice ends.  It is one of us gets sick or hurt an…

Adventures in the Card Aisle aka Bipolar Moments

Mother's Day is coming up - in case the numerous commercials for flowers and gifts, or your mother/the woman you made a mother/someone you think of as a mother who has left post it notes, open websites and other OBVIOUS hints have not gotten your attention - MOTHER'S DAY is coming up on Sunday.  Yes this Sunday you with the "oh crap extra $$ for rush delivery" face.

My good friend wrote a blog about funny cards that she saw in her trip to Target, I do have to say that I love that she also subtly posted pictures along with the websites of things that would say "love you Mom" to her.   I have called her from my own adventures in the Target card aisle.  As I went to find an image for this blog there were apparently a lot of us out there - just searching for that perfect way to say anything from I love you to Why are You Still Here??!!

I love a good card, the Papyrus store is a crack den for me.  Every time it is I swear this time, just this one time, I will walk…