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Cameras and pictures

A few weeks ago my friend Kris and I were talking, what is the correct term for having a conversation on Facebook?,  about cameras.  We were not swapping info on which SLR to get, we had that discussion at some other point, but rather we talked about the cameras we have had.  It got me thinking of the ones that I remember from my life and the pictures they captured.

My earliest memory is not of a camera I owned but one my Dad had.  It was a Leica and what I remember most about it is how long it took him to take each picture.  You see this was the time when he had a flash that had to be attached to the camera, then he had to adjust the lens and we had to stand there for what seemed like an eternity while he adjusted the lens to get it clear, right.  Through that camera the pictures we captured were of me arriving in the States - me sitting in the middle of my parents in every shot, as if they were going to make sure I was not going anywhere.  It captured  my last days in 5th grade, gett…

Raising sons

"Did you want boys?" I get this question more than I anticipated from a variety of people.  I wanted healthy kids and really I had no preference.  I know all the sayings, because they have been told to me, about how sons love their mothers until they love someone else.  That there is a closeness that daughters have with their families that does not end once they move out.  I see that in some ways with my own family, I text or call my mom almost every day, my husband maybe once a week with his Mom but that may not be the case for my sons who have a different relationship with me, or maybe it will be and I will just deal.  However, in having a child none of that is what I thought of.  After all there is no guarantee that I would have a close relationship with my daughter and not with my son.  There were the clothes that were cuter for girls but they have some of the coolest things for boys and I have walked by the pinkness of the girls aisles with no issues. 

Raising boys t…

Then there were none

I have incredibly fond memories of going to my local record store.  Around the block from my apartment was a shopping area, living in New York, this may not seem like a big deal, there were blocks of apartments and some single family homes (few) and blocks (streets) for commercial space.  One block away from the apartment my parents rented was Steinway Street.  As a kid this was great.  I know I get a lot of questions from people who grew up in the 'burbs or even further removed from a city about how did I feel about not having a backyard, answer is perfectly fine - no one I knew had one, those people that did spent very little time in it and we walked to local parks/stores/movies without needing a lift, or a pool, answer also fine I walked a long way to Astoria pool or went to the beach with my parents, and lastly about playing in the street, we did this very well - parked cars make excellent bases for tag or stickball or kickball - the art of "car's comin'" yel…

Orange is the new black but only if you have green

I recently realized there are some themes to the TV shows I like - politics, period pieces, anything forensic pathology (goes back to my Quincy obsession - which I happily can watch again on Netflix) usually fit the bill.  I also realized that I also seem to be attracted to intense, intelligent, slightly off kilter - ok crazy - female characters.  I am sure at some therapy session in the future I will need to discuss my connection - am hoping I start the session with the crazy and end it as a intense woman with passion.

I recently read a book called "Orange is the new Black".  The main character makes some bad choices and they come back to haunt her years later and she winds up serving time.  Of all the irrational fears one could have - mine is about being in jail.  I know it is not really irrational because jail is nasty, dangerous and not someplace anyone wants to be in but I actually get afraid and picture myself in the orange jumpsuit, getting shanked (yes I got the lingo…