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Why Gloria Steinem still matters

Hope is a very unruly emotion.Gloria Steinem
I grew up in a generation that shuddered often at the word "feminist".  Most of my friends and I, and even other girls I met, rarely ever wanted to be associated with that word or movement.  It seemed so outdated, so unkempt, so limiting...yes I said limiting.  We were girls who wanted to do it all, have a career, stay at home, be a great hostess, get married, live with a guy, go out by ourselves, drive, have doors opened for us, be whistled at, not degraded, and we were so not burning our bras.  I particularly love my bras to be expensive (let's face it the secret Ms Victoria is that for us ladies with bigger girls your bras..umm yeah well they are no miracle) and sexy so there is no way I am setting fire to them hope is they start a fire of different kind.  

Yes we are girls who came of age when, though still not 100% equal in everything, the possibilities to do anything already existed.  The idea of feminism with it'…

My days at Creedmore Mental Hospital

I recently had dinner with some very dear friends whom I have known since high school.  It is always a lot of laughs, sometimes at things past, and mostly because we find comfort in one another without pretense and without judgement.  This takes years to cultivate, to be able to pick up right where you leave off regardless of actual time spent between visits, and is something that anyone who has it in their lives truly appreciates.

In our conversations we started talking about the program 3 of us were in during high school. A little preface here, looking around our group, we all are in some type of healthcare.  We have a doctor, a pharmacist, a social worker, a stay at home mom (who is all of these 3 throughout her day to her family of course), and myself in pharmaceuticals.  I guess that is why while 3 of this group of 5 were doing the Advance Psych class junior year the other 2 were probably taking advanced chem and could not join us.  I thought of this little fact only as I was th…

Sunday Dinners

For as long as I remember Sunday afternoons were for family gathering at my aunt's house in Romania with my parents, my Mom's brother, his girlfriends and eventually his wife and then when my parents left with my uncle's wife and her family.  The family always got together, lots of laughter and lots of food - even in Romania where there was a shortage often they stretched and bought from the black market so that these get togethers could occur. 

When we moved to the US like many immigrants there was no extended family to have Sunday dinners with.  My parents recreated them with friends, and families that they met who either came to our house, hosted or we went on picnics with.  The food was plentiful, and never ending regardless of indoor or outdoor space, the kids got to be together and if in Astoria found a way to leave at some point to the movies or to hang out with friends (cigarette sneaking and promises to only see PG movies common occurrences).  These days are ones I…

Family Vacations

There is definitely a genetic predisposition to wanderlust and travelling that I inherited.  My parents both loved to travel and vacation. I remember the first time I heard someone tell me that they had never been on a family vacation and was astounded.  I grew up in a neighborhood where most people may have not owned a home but often had a place they would go back to in their native land.  If they did not have they usually drove to destinations for their vacations but most people did something as a family during the summer. Sometimes these were the times when after many days together in shared motel rooms there would be giant fights among different family members but since no one could usually afford more than one room these got resolved rather quickly.  
My travels as a child were driving vacations at first, sometimes with my own parents and other times with my good friend and her parents (my parents would gratefully pay for my trip when they could not afford their own).  These trave…