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No time to blog

This week I have no time to write a proper blog
Running around with my head in a fog
There are protests in Turkey get the bum out 
Hear the people protest, hear they young ones shout

This week I have no time to write a lot
Finding my self in a tight spot
Have to pack for vacation while my calendar is packed
Have to finish my projects so I don't get sacked

This week is going by too fast 
Wish I could stretch this day to make it last
Then let it go straight to the end of the week
When I can relax in the vacation I seek

Next week there may not be a blog too
Since I will be travelling with lots of sightseeing to do
Summer is here and the world is a mess
However, I have only time to worry if I should pack a suit or a dress

So enjoy this little reminder that we all need to slow down
Maybe not run like I am all over town
Or maybe you like me get your kicks at high speed
And madness and chaos feed that need

This week there is no time for a blog but instead
Am getting kids ready cause they're still not out…

Father's Day -

It's a 2 blog week - after all the first one I wrote is part of the large influence my dad had on me and my love of politics.  Maybe he was just good training for how to argue and learn to deflect when the other person starts getting personal to win.  Either way the many things that my father shaped in me were a need to know what is going on, to not accept blindly and to remember that we have the right as people to want more.  He taught me that no matter how bad it gets we can demand more from the government or replace it.  Mostly he taught me  to accept that we are owed nothing but opportunities so no need to let the government become our nanny.  

Fathers - Dads - Papas oh so many names for them - Mamma tends to be almost universal but the name for the father varies a lot.  I admit you are the angst and often the eye roll punch line in many of the talks women have - after all you make that easy.  You do not hear so well except for what interests you - the sense of getting somethin…

Scandal of the House of Cards that we have in this Homeland

I like TV but I can easily sit for hours reading a book, writing or doing something other than watch TV.  However, there are few shows that in the last few years have caught my interest and while I often cannot watch them when they are aired - yes because husband watches sports and sports highlights and sports replays and classic sports (seeing the theme here?) - or kids are watching Kickin' It (why do Hollywood actors stay so short and play kids at like 30 - bit eww if you think about it) or some other superhero, mischief making, slug carrying show.  I watch them either on replay on demand or stream them.  I watch them on my iPad with my headphones and you know I can actually do it while husband and boys have the debate about what to put on the larger screen without having to actually hear much (amazing those noise cancelling headphones).   Thank you technology and curse you technology because there are few shows that I have left laundry folding with all it's exciting where t…

Those hazy, lazy days of summer

Last weekend was Memorial Day in the US -- a day to remember all of those people who either by choice or by draft served and lost their lives fighting for what they believed were the values of the US.  The idea of democracy, equality, opportunity, and the "pursuit of happiness"...seriously that is my FAVORITE ever document partially due to that line.  If governments or individuals strayed from those principles it is to their dishonor especially as we remember these fallen heroes.  The principles are still there and many, many people everywhere still believe they are the destiny that we need to keep going as a world - not through world domination, subjugation but through opportunity, democracy and the ability to do be happy.

This solemn occasion brings with it, as many solemn occasions do - think post-funeral gatherings where food, laughs and warmth are needed to reaffirm our mortality and to honor the dead through living and remembering them via laughter - something that is t…