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Celebrating Freedom

It sort of all fell into place this week - it is after all a July 4th weekend - so maybe it it is fitting that we celebrate freedoms. 

Here is my list of freedoms that I will be thinking about this week;

Freedom of speech - I mean after all really how can one write a blog, post it, have it be seen round the world and not be thankful to live in a place where I have freedom of speech.  Yes freedom of speech - now you could say something stupid, hateful or just plain nasty and you know what there are many who would denounce you, companies that will not work with but you can still say it and for everyone who thinks you may be a jerk there are those who will read what you said and see themselves in you.  Scary and liberating at the same time. 

Freedom to vote - seems bit obvious - so umm why aren't more people who can actually using this vote - I know point above means you can complain ad nauseum about everything but with silence and the pull of a lever you actually would be louder. 


Evolutions and Retirements

In the past couple of months I have gone to 2 retirement parties - for two people I could never actually imagine retiring.

One of the parties was for one of my my first bosses.  He and his wife were the model that I try and manage people from.  At his retirement party his daughter mentioned how she learned to eat fancy from one of her dad's doctor friends - I learned to eat fancy from her mom and dad.  They encouraged me to be more than I thought I could be and believed in me when I was my best and even when I stumbled in my life.  I owe my career choices and much of who I have strived to be to them.

The other retirement party was for another doctor that I worked for later on in life.  He also taught me about ambition and goals.   As he became my friend and we shared interest in books, wine, music, art he also became my mentor and someone whose counsel I seek all the time.  He never has been too busy to listen to me ask him a career or personal question.   He also introduced me …

11 going on puberty

My 5th grader is having the puberty discussion today in school.  I have known this was coming all year and to some degree we talk about some things already but he is curious, nervous, giggly and knows only bits and pieces of what they may discuss (all gleaned from the class that went today and of course from the classroom known as back of bus talk).  This image I chose covers how I feel about my son - my baby who is on the verge of puberty .. ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The puberty talk - on the week of his birthday.  I know it is cliche but it really has gone so fast.  The first 2 years went slowly - maybe it was the lack of sleep, the frantic pace of trying to understand the whole motherhood thing and just the wonder of every blink, turn, milestone that was watched for with CIA stealth like surveillance (by me - yes by me).  

The rest of the time seem to speed up every time - here he was going to his first day of pre-k so how is it that in record speed he is now finished with elementary s…

D.A.R.E and then some

My son and his fellow 5th grade class just completed a D.A.R.E. graduation.  I was so proud, as were the other parents there,  about how awesome our kids are.  This is a program that is run by the local police department and is nationally recognized to start at a young age to teach kids to make good choices.  I know many laughed when Nancy Reagan first said "just say no" because it was simple - it is simple to say but you had to add some context to help kids know how to say no when yes is that much easier to say. 

In the years since it's inception this program has evolved and I have to say the kids were really jazzed about it.  It also brings back policing to not a "war on" which make it a us v them and combatant mentality to a community doing right by youngest citizens by teaching them to make good choices and the consequences of bad choices. 

As a mother I am sad and nervous about the drugs.  I know I am not supposed to say this but honestly I feel like I can w…

Cyber Bullies - delete this behavior

It never ceases to amaze me when people write a mass email or post on FB things that are happening to them privately.  I see social media like a virtual cocktail party - you know where you walk in, high heels and pretty dress, smile for the camera and share interesting but not deeply personal tidbits.  It is a good way for all of us to connect and to be partaking in a cause or the accomplishments of our friends and acquaintances.   It is not a sleepover with you and your couple of best friend, pints of Hagen Dazs/drinks and tissues at the ready as you spill because those people actually care and want to help.  The cocktail party crew they want to enjoy the time out and raising their glass along with you for a hearty "cheers". 

When that moves to personal, from kids to adults, complaints of everything from your best friend to your spouse to your child who may be struggling with a serious life issue well then I find it does two things 1) it makes those of us who are in cocktail…