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I have 2 boys and let's dispense with the usual queries, which never cease to test my ability not to roll my eyes -

1)  No I did not want a girl - nor a boy - I really wanted a kid who was healthy and who was happy
2) No I did not try for the girl nor will I - see point number 1
3) I do not miss having a girl - why?  what difference would it make, the sex of the child determines exactly what ??? That people feel the need to ask me this
4) Yes they do have a higher activity level -- then some girls, also then some boys - why this is said as a negative

I have heard all above the above all my life when people find out I have two boys.   I do not see the difference in the way I would raise girls because I feel if I teach boys to be kind, responsible, respectful people who treat others equally that is no different then how I would raise my daughters.   I also have a great relationship with my boys, so again not sure what these folks who ask me think I am missing out on.

That is not to…

NY Values

Oh I tried -- like bit my tongue not just metaphorically but I can't do it - because I love my NY Values and if Ted Cruz wants to call them out - well then I agree they should be called out.

New York values, first Mr Cruz NY is not one spot.  It is this little thing you do not like - diverse.  What this means for you who seem to not know anything about our little state that we have a few regional differences, differences within those regions and pretty much everything and nothing goes.  It is a state that votes Democrat and Republican and where we have politicians that fit neither of their parties stereotypes.  I am sure other states can relate but hey this is about NY.

What are New York values - first of all I will even take some of the ones he mentioned.  Yeah ok we are about marriage equality - can you tell me Mr Cruz which of those you oppose is it marriage or equality?   Pro-abortion ?? Dude no one is pro-abortion, I mean never.   For those of us who are pro-choice we know this…


I loved TV as a kid  - contrary to the often "I never" statements many of my contemporaries make I watched TV as a kid.

The notion of TV actually is quite weaved into different stages of my life.   

In Romania we had a black and white TV, it only had 2 channels in Romania and I do not remember the exact time but it went off pretty early.   As I was 8 when I left I know it was not on past the point where I was in bed.   My memories are scattered about that time, fragments of a small one bedroom apartment where my crib was next to my parents bed in a very small and long bedroom, my paternal grandparents living in the living room (irony), a big bathroom with black and white tiles that we shared with this really obese man, who also shared the kitchen space.   I remember being a bit afraid of him - mainly I think because there would be fights with him, he was not respectful of the living situation or the people who had to share it with him.   I remember pieces of lilac crystals and…


Happy New Year -- it is time for ;

LOTS of gym commercials -- my personal favorite is still the over muscled guy who walked around saying "I pick things up and put them down", look it up if you have not seen it.

LOTS of diet commercials - I felt a blast from the past seeing that Nutrisystem is still around.

That is because it is the time for resolutions for many.   For me I long ago realized that I do not do resolutions but I do have some goals that I try to set out - some are long term and some are shorter term.  They were more like ReoNotions, you know those things you have a notion to do but probably stop doing after a couple of months- seemed a lot of them were punitive, so I gave them up and have never looked back.

Decluttering - no I am not buying the Japanese author's book, any author who proclaims that as a child when others went out to play she went home to clean is creepy and scary. Besides isn't buying a book adding to said clutter - sarcasm font.   Yet I do l…