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People often laugh at optimists as if they are out of a touch with reality.  They dismiss them for having too much hope.

As a mother I truly want to pass along my capacity for hope, for love, for appreciation and for optimism to my boys.

It is not that optimism means you live in a delusional world it means that you can look for the path forward, evolve, learn from the mistakes.  Those who are pessimists see very little beyond the wrong step and the wrongs of the past.

It is only with optimists and dreamers that the world has evolved.  It is not from the it can't be dones, the we are doomed, the hell and damnation people that the world has moved forward.  It is from those who were told no and saw why not.  It is from those people who got kicked and pushed back who took a different road.

Two nights ago I went to see a magnificent read-through production with my oldest son called Mad Forest.  It was put on by a non-proft group called Upstart Creatures.  They work in Manhattan and…

Girlfriend Time

Before anyone thinks this is a coming out blog -- brakes on - no I am not embracing my sapphic inner sister.  

I am instead embracing a culture of time with friends, special friends, friends who get you and my girlfriends who are my chosen sisters, confidants and overall sanity checks. 

In my life as an only child I understood the importance of friendships, and pretty much saw every only child then and now debunk the whole they can't share myth so much more than those with siblings.   If we did not share, unlike a sibling, or learn to compromise then our friends could just go home.  There was no built in parental "well you got to love her because she is your sister". 

I exhibit many only children traits, very social, comfortable with different age groups (after all I was a vastly different age then the other people living in my house - my parents were after all adults), incredibly independent.  I also exhibit the less woot woot traits.  I am fiercely independent which means…

Kids who never lived in a world where 9/11 was just a date

It is hard to absorb that 15 years have passed since the attacks on 9/11.  For those of us in NY, much like I assume DC and the relatives and friends of those who died in PA, it is still a date that divides itself into our lives as before and after.   I also assume this is true for all survivors of terrorist attacks or wars or trauma. 

In these 15 years my world was altered by other events but the two that most changed me after 9/11 are the births of my two sons.   As a mom you worry about things that are rational, they could fall and injure themselves, and irrational like mine is tsunami.  I do not know why one terrifies me so much as I am no where near where one could happen but the idea of that kind of powerlessness and it's pure magnitude means it could take my kids.  I get it not likely but Dr. Freud sees the underlying I can't protect them from everything subtext.

How do you teach kids about 9/11 when you tend to be a wreck about it?  Recently the boys and I were downtown …

Standing Up by Sitting Down

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose"  - Kris Kristofferson

Unless you live off the grid, in which case you aren't reading this anyway, you have seen in the States (and maybe outside) that there has been a controversy about a football player who has chosen to take a stand by sitting down during the national anthem.  

I first heard this from people who actually know sports, stats and how good a player he is. They said he wasn't a great player, mediocre at best who had a good chance of not making it next year.  My cynical mind went to is this genuine or a ploy to get him some good ol' fashioned publicity?   You can't cut him now or you will look like you are against him personally.   That's the cynic in me and the one that is part of this world where judgement is swift in the ether - I mean let's look at the polar opposite.  Ryan Lochte, yes he did a stupid thing, yes he should get some sort of fine, yes he is not a team player but ma…