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In order to take care of the one tree you need to see the forest

Most of us heard that saying about how you can't see the forest focusing on the one tree and lately as I watch the news I think boy that tree must also have a mirror in it.

Is it the media, so easy to blame because they so often are guilty, that we as a world seem so focused on what we want, what we want to say, what our opinion is and passing it off as fact and let's face it a bit to some degree even blogging falls into that sphere.  As an only child tasked with the burden of having to defend being an only child constantly, no sorry my parents as most parents of only children that I know forced us to be cognizant of sharing and not being just all about us because that is what good parents, I am dismayed at the culture of "me" only that we have devolved to.

I watch the devastation that ISIS like a tornado is bringing - devastation with an empty core, sucking up years of history, people's lives and for what ??? Their focus on that one tree because the forest that…

Please and thank yous and the basics

I am often complimented by fellow parents and even strangers on how polite my boys are.  Now I am not writing this blog from the "oh look at me and the compliments I get" point of view.  Sure I am proud of them for this but I also think they have what I count as fairly basic manners, there are many things they do (fork holding, lack of knife cutting skills, some burping) that make me cringe.  Luckily I usually have to at most deal with elbows on table type stuff in public, bodily functions are contained to the joys of our home.  The cutlery skills will keep being worked on. 

I am writing this blog because people should not be that impressed by these basic skills.  Manners and being considerate are not special skills they are necessities.  I grew up in a house where my father in particular was an extreme stickler for them, how to hold a knife, how to not switch hands when cutting as he did not get this habit being European, no elbows on table, both hands visible because after …

Dear Gov Cuomo - just dropping you a note about our schools

Dear Governor Cuomo;

I wanted to write to you to add to the many voices you are hearing from regarding the direction that the education agenda is going in New York State.

I will begin by saying that I am all for standards and holding people accountable.  I believe that the majority of teachers dedicate themselves and always have because they too have these principles.  I see the usefulness in having schools follow a national curriculum and in the never ending evolution of how and what students are taught.

However, the discussion is no longer focused on these things and therefore, no longer about the children.  It is no longer about reinforcing and rewarding great performance but rather about negative and punitive methods that neither reflects a progressive approach nor has it ever been proven to be effective in any setting.

I have no objection to students taking tests and I actually will not opt out my children even if I feel that the testing is neither developmentally appropriate o…

Social media survival guide for mothers

Back in the last century when I was growing up social had no media -- you passed notes  and things written on walls, as a child of NYC, meant either explicit things one had done, one was being told to do or your "tag" as in graffiti (art or not remains a debate, some I would say yes others just angst with a spray can).  

Back in the last century phones were not so smart, actually were so dumb they had to be leashed via a cord otherwise I don't know they may have simply fallen off the wall.   Conversations were interrupted by mothers using the operator, emergency call meant you were about to need the ER if you did not get off and accepted it and ended that conversation that I am sure every mother started with "what on earth could you be talking about for so long?".  It also could be yanked out of your hand or they hung up on the call.  You came in red eared, it did get kind of hot, and you showed your displeasure not through postings on public domain but in your …