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Strength in Numbers...Only Children adding people to their lives

I am a singleton according to multiple studies.  That means I am an only child for those that were not sure or should have read that quickly and thought I wrote simpleton.

That means that my siblings are those I make by choice and basically are friends with a blood relation or two thrown in.   It has shaped who I am in many ways, and speaking of which I will continue to advocate for us single children.  One poorly designed study, A LLLLOOONNNNGGGG time ago, with a small population looked at only children and though pretty much valid, large sample size, peer reviewed studies have since debunked this it seems that one flawed study still prevails about only child traits.  We are spoiled, self-centered, can't share ... blah blah blah.  

I am sure there are only children just like that but in my many years I have found plenty of folks with siblings who are like that too.   I don't know also if the majority of only children parents read about these traits but every only child I know i…

2 4 6 8 and beyond

By fashion standards anyone above a 10, or at best a 12, is considered "plus size".  It may not be something many of us agree with but that is the definition that the industry goes for.

Originally runway models were not supposed to represent women - they were supposed to represent hangers.  They were intended to be thin enough for the clothes to drape on them and for the attention to be focused on the design not the model.  People understood that but then media changed and the "supermodels" came about.  This should have been somewhat positive as they were not just "hangers" they had bodies.  They were the "ideal" in some ways.  They had bouncy hair, great skin and let's face it they looked good in and in not so many clothes.  Somehow though they morphed from the ideal (and even then diversity was lacking), forgetting that this was their job, that to maintain this look to they worked at it (through good and bad habits) and most of all that the…

Raising children in a secular house

It took me a long time to understand why I did not buy into religion.  I understand the need for it and I know that for some people it provides either a structure or a comfort.   I do not see those two things being necessary for me.  

I read and learned as much as I could not only about the christian orthodox religion I was brought up in, how it was a part of my cultural heritage even when for the most part my family was not a supporter of the church per se but believers in god.  I studied all of the major religions and in them I found some really impressive things - a rich sense of history, a host of rituals and most of all a general sense of be good to your fellow person, worry about yourself and try and live a life that has meaning and leaves behind more than you got out of it.   I also found that every one of these religions has way too much of "mine is better than yours", a vengeful deity(ies) and if taken not as metaphorical stories but rather literal interpretations t…