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I'm Bored

Summertime and the living is easy - well except when you hear "Mom!!!!! I'm Bored!" .  Ever heard that from your kids ?  Really ?- stop it - of course you have.   I hear it from mine on a regular basis.

Summertime in particular should be a time where boredom is not only permitted but encouraged.  We have become a society, particularly in the US, of no downtime.  This is not kid specific only but it is all of us.  Downtime is high on the list things we seem to be good at shaming people on - social media is the new stockade.  As a world we easily brand people, throw virtual rotted fruit at, and of course pass judgement on many things.   It is slightly appalling and I try and control myself and apologize when I do it.   There is something so base and primitive at pointing at someone and feeling some sense of superiority over not behaving like they did.  It is the basis for much of faith based teaching and as someone who came to being an atheist by studying as much as I could…

If I could turn back time

Starting my last year in my forties hurling at warp speed to 50 it seems like.   It is so easy to fall into the woe is me "nuh huh not me am not going to be 50" mind set.

After all pretty much all media tells me I have to fill them wrinkles.  Yet they are my reminders that my eyes wrinkle when I laugh and I have laughed a lot.  A LOT.   For me the people that make me belly laugh, snort at times, tears in eyes laugh are the ones that I am most comfortable with because I relax enough to know they will eye roll at my snort and give me a tissue for those eyes.   My wrinkles are from time spent squinting at the sun at  the beach, a place that gives me inner peace and always makes me happy.  My wrinkles mark the times I tried to look older when I was younger by putting on make up that I thought screamed sophistication ... it probably just screamed at times, many things but not sophistication.  My wrinkles are not many and mostly come when I am showing emotion - like displeasure at…

While my guitar gently weeps

It was hard writing a blog today because there is so much I want to say and the words seem choked inside of me.  "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing " well I may be many things but I am never a do nothing woman.

I am raising boys, boys who are caucasian but who could very well marry or have children with lovely people (I hope they are wonderful partners to my sons) who are not caucasian.  I am raising the next generation who sees differences in people based on what their interests are but not in their race, religion, type of parents they have who love same sex or other or no longer the part of picture, who look like them and who look nothing like them.  They see people still for who they are -- people. Some are asses, most are fascinating, the vast majority are good and then there are the ones that they don't understand. How could they understand when I do not understand and I am an adult - how can they comprehend how someone cou…

I took a wrong turn and I just kept going

This is a guilty confession blog - no it is not about any extra ice cream or carbs or gluten thing I ate, those I eat with pleasure - nor is it about a bender or anything truly embarrassing I have done (those things are pretty much in my past).

No this blog is about something much less talked about - thinking of running away as an adult and more specifically as a Mom.  As a kid I thought about running away - twice.  My first attempt was done not out of angst or rebellion but because it looked kind of cool in some show I saw  Now I do not camp or like to "rough" it and apparently this held true from when I was a kid.  I packed a suitcase and was going to .. oh I don't know where I was going but it looked like an adventure.  I was home and unpacked before my parents got home from work.  My second attempt was a threat to which my mother rolled her eyes and told me to go for it because she recognized it for the teenage angst it was - I never left the house it was freakin&#…