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Make out music and other memories

Music.. it just is such a huge part of my life.  I wake up every day and first thing I do is come downstairs and think of what song to start the day with. It could be the weather, mood, day of the week, or just because inspired. Sometimes the song is mediocre, the band way too commercial to be taken seriously by my many music purist friends, and yet there could be a beat or a lyric that just grabs me and speaks to me.

I grew up in a house with music.  My Dad was the master of collecting records, big fan of many kinds of music including good old fashioned rock and roll and jazz.  This was not as common as you would think in an Eastern bloc country who hated those Western imperialist ways.  I remember gatherings in our house from an early age with traditional Romanian ballads (there is one that makes my mother weep to this day called in traslation "why did I ever meet you" about heart ache lyrics with music to make your remember that lover that just branded the heart and…

The week after the Boston bombings..let the healing begin

It was a scene out of a bad movie, complete with explosive, bad guys and a chase that locked down a city.  It ended with one dead terrorist and one barely alive one.  The chatter I have heard makes me angry.  

I am an immigrant, proud to have chosen to live in the States even after I was an adult with choices and dual citizenship to not have to, proud of the strength of my Romanian heritage and people, both those who stayed, who eventually overthrew a brutal dictatorship, and those whose strength was in leaving all of that behind and building a better life elsewhere.  My parents had nothing when they came here and they worked hard... really hard.  They worked the jobs that immigrants usually get - long hours, physically exhausting and often leaving them looking at one another on how to make ends meet.  I loved my life as an immigrant, I hated my life as an immigrant. 

I was caught between 2 worlds - the values and traditions of my parents who though proudly learned English  and assimila…

Boston Marathon Tragedy

We do not become numb .. we should not become numb but I am bewildered.  I heard about the news about the Boston bombing while working.  I closed my eyes and took a deep breath because for a moment I felt like a child, you know how they close their eyes when they are trying to hide and if they cannot see you well then you do not exist, closing my eyes for a moment to pretend nothing happened. 

I started looking into it and the more I heard or read the more horrified I became.  How could anyone do this during what is a global event that brings people from all over together toward a common cause to run with excitement and cheer each other on?  Innocent people who came to see these amazing athletes, who sat next to someone exactly like them in look or their complete opposite and noticed neither way. 

As a New Yorker who survived 9/11 this brought about such a deep set of feelings in me.  The feeling of helplessness, sadness, fear, and a heavy heart.  Hard to keep my feelings in check, the …

Spring -- sprung - sprang

I get giddy as spring starts.  I do not like the cold weather and snow well I get over "how pretty it is" about 30 minutes into trying to shovel it off my car.  I do not ski, though I do ski lounge so well I could get a medal, and I do not skate. I mean really if I wanted to be hurdled down a mountain, after being suspend on a metal stick, in binding equipment I could just try a little s & m .... 

This year spring seems to have taken forever to come.  I personally have never felt a rodent popping out of it's hole and seeing or not seeing it's shadow was an accurate predictor of weather, I mean really what's next tossing chicken bones into a bonfire to predict the Dow Jones?, but this year that little Phil was so wrong he is lucky he did not become whack a mole material.  For any PETA people that was not a threat to said rodent.

Spring is pretty and from a fashion perspective perfect, like Fall, because if you like fashion you can still have enough choices to la…

Special needs and Spectrums

It is Autism Awareness month in the States and it comes on the heels of a CDC study that shows that more and more kids are diagnosed on the spectrum.  Now it is easy to jump to conclusions on that but as the mother of a child who hovers over that spectrum, suspended just enough by his amazing ability to be social, I tell you I am not sure what it tells us.  

To me it means we still are listening to the flawed yet loud and powerful lobby who swears it is vaccines, regardless of how often this has been disputed, instead of looking at other potential causes with our time and money.   It may be a catalyst for some children but it is not for the majority.  It means we are no closer to understanding how our kids keep getting these disorders. It means that we are more vigilant and that spectrum now is more all encompassing (a host of developmental disorders are on it that used to be on their own).  It means many parents are still worried, still wringing their hands, still looking for answers …