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RIP to our beloved Bob

I did not grow up with pets, living in rented apartments really limited the option of having a dog (which I always wanted) and the fact that my parents were not of the walk the dog and pick up after it type (they saw dogs with yards or large spaces in their minds) meant no pets for me.  I did not even have the odd goldfish.  I was not alone, many of the kids I grew up did not have pets yet we all longed for them.

As my boys have grown they have had fish, most make it months and one Batman the Beta fish lived for 2 years at which point we all cried and bid him farewell with a burial at sea via our toilet.  

They have begged, pleaded and cajoled but nope no dog still.   There are not enough people in this house who are here full time to walk said dog and also I just do not want to take on yet another responsibility. 

Our first pet was a guinea pig - Jessie - cute as can be and pretty smart.  They are quite affectionate creatures and pretty sure we were trained by her as soon as she underst…

Ahh that Mr Grey

I am getting a kick out of the whole Fifty Shades movie buzz - not that I personally will shell out $$ to see it, at best Netflix it.  

Instead I so like the discussions it has opened up;
Domestic Violence -- all these folks saying this movie does not condone it and submissive/dominant relationships are consensual in acts and even roles.  CONSENSUAL is the key word here any thing else please seek what help you need because it rarely gets better. 
Men - oh that good looking, sexy, of course financially super set man who is broken and who let's face it too many of us would fall for because we can "fix" what is broken ... see point number one; sometimes a man that broken is just in too many pieces and other times maybe we need to look at what is driving us to try to be the fixer.
S & M - has brought this topic from the dungeons, pun intended, to discussions.  I mean I wonder how many suburban homes have had recent remodeling to include a redish hue ?? Maybe it allowed peopl…

Boys will be boys ... what ?

I am a pretty tolerant person but there are things that just make me want to flick people right in the eye.  One of those things is the saying "boys will be boys".  It makes me cringe; totally eye rolling, flick inducing cringe.

I don't like it because it implies a level of excuse for bad behavior that I just find appalling.  I embrace the differences between boys and girls and men and women.  I love things about men that I find unique to them and it makes me think fondly of the men who have been romantically part of my life as well as being one of the things that I find gives me balance as I also count myself lucky to have all of these men who are friends in my life.

So whenever this saying comes up it is never like " look at that boy he did something good" no it is always in the context of over rough play or bad behavior that should be excused or tolerated because they are boys.  This "excusing" is one of those things that somehow is the pass from sm…

Motherhood vs the doubt dragon

I read a blog on FaceBook a few days ago,, and I was going to write a thank you comment on the site.  

Then I saw the comments and at first I got angry on her behalf, because this is a blog that is obviously written from her heart.  Her, being the mother of a child with autism.  Then there were the total idiots who just cannot let her have her opinion, even if based on science, but want something else, some big ass coverup conspiracy to be the reason for the diagnosis their child has.  By the way I called them that more for their obvious lack of empathy,  that their belief does not have to be that of others.  I stopped and took a step back - it is all coming from the same place, for the most part - total assholes aside because just because you have a special needs child doesn't preclude you from being one - it comes from days of frustration at different levels.  It comes from nights when you wake up and wonder how your…