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Bath time no more

First I had to search back to when I wrote a blog about bath time for the boys and did a double take because it was YIKES 2 years ago, almost to the day.  I had a friend who had an older sister, she was about 7 years older than us which seemed so worldly, cool, where we wanted to be so desperately - no rules, boyfriends, makeup, going out places that were beyond our reach at the tender age of 13 and for which we could not wait and damn time went by sooo slooowwly.  She once told us as we watched her get ready, and warned us to not touch her stuff when she left - which of course we did, that she felt like life was like a roller coaster - took forever to go up from your earliest memory as a toddler to your 20s and that is the top -- around 25 you start speeding down at a crazy speed, stomach dropping, excited but scared.  She may not have been that eloquent but the rollercoaster image stuck with me.  So true  - it took forever to get to certain ages, days were eons long and full of &quo…

The birthday party dilemma

I started this blog with my annoyed rant about some news item last week and then yesterday a devastating tornado destroyed what used to be a town in Oklahoma, what is now the site of people who have lost loved ones and all they had.  

So part of me wanted to write something somber but I thought maybe we do not need any more sad news - maybe we need to laugh at the trivial things that make our days important to us and to celebrate the mundane by being grateful for all we have.  My thoughts are with those people in Oklahoma today because it will take a long time to be able to focus on the mundane.  

At the end of this blog I will post a link where you can donate for the victims if you can - and if you cannot send good karma and thoughts their way. Remember to tell those around you they are important to you and love each day as it should be worshiped. 

The birthday party conundrum.  You see since my boys were of age 3 (before that parties occurred in my house, with a few friends and honestl…

She believes in me

My 8 year old son wrote the most wonderful poem for Mother's Day for me and it was titled "She Believes in Me'.  I am not sure if I ever felt more accomplished than reading that. My other son wrote a poem that basically said that for all that he needs... Mommy delivers. 

You try as a parent to do many things, teach them right from wrong, to be kind to others, to place importance on things like education, art, music, books, their friendships, travel, learning in all sorts of ways instead of just things that they "get".  You spend a lot of time wondering which of this moments of being a parent will come back to you as a reproach, a moment when you and they both realize you tried to do it right but maybe it was the end of a long day and you had less patience, a meeting that you needed to be at and not the school trip (regardless of how many you make it will be the one you miss that you dwell upon), or maybe it was that terrible moment when you were not the mother yo…

Mother's Day

If you ever need a gentle reminder, to save you from the guilt and not so gentle reminders that will haunt you forever, this is it... SUNDAY IS MOTHER'S DAY.

Now pretty much most mothers will tell you not to fuss, not to worry, that a card will do... and when you are in grammar school with your hand drawn cards and gifts it is so true.  However, if you are holding down a steady job regardless of annual pay you better get that woman at least some nice flowers with said card that you actually took the time to read prior to buying and sending.  

They deserve it - the mothers.  It is really an amazingly difficult job that never ends.  I was lucky enough to have an imperfect perfect mother.  She was not always right... but you knew to say she was at least 99.9% of the time regardless of the veracity of that statement.  She was not always fair... well to me she wasn't especially when I was a teenager so there may be some bias in that statement.  My mother did not really hit, even in a…