Days go slow but years fly by

I just recently heard this expression and I thought it was brilliant.  This time of year always makes me stop, blink and wonder where did the year go???? 

I remember being a kid and thinking the year 2000 -- wow big deal - and then Y2K - and now 12 years into the double Os and that seems like so long ago.  I look at Facebook and wonder how my high school friends could possibly have high school kids of their own ?  I read my sons' Santa letters and know these are going to be a thing of the past sooner than ever ...gone will be the magic that they have in thinking that there is someone out there who grants wishes just because they wrote him a letter.  

So here I am again this time of year and wondering where to next?  I mean how did I get to be 45 ???? I often joke with a good friend about how long we have been friends - because it seems that 15+ years could not really have gone by since we first met.  I am not one to want to repeat stages of my life - they are great memories and I am at an age when I can appreciate the choices I made because even when they were not the right ones,  they were the ones I remember and use to learn from.  

I am so far from my own letters to Santa but I still close my eyes some days and marvel - at music, at art, at books and at the friends that have surrounded me for many years or who I have added later in life and most of all at my children.  There are no elves, though I do wish I had minions a lot of times, but there are host of people who I cannot imagine how I would get through life with.  There are no toy deliveries but there are constant gifts both physical and emotional that I unwrap with the people in my life. 

So here I am 45 - really???? when I am going to feel like that should mean some sort of boring adultness ? - and the only thing I cannot seem to think of is what I would ask the magic man at the North Pole for besides the usual stuff  (peace on earth, happiness to all, some gorgeous jewlery and shoes - shoes- shoes) and yet part of me thinks this is the time to seize the day and change next year.  

Before I go and try to get it all together to make the "magic" of Santa happen for my kids I want to take a moment to say how much I enjoyed moments of this year.  I want to fly with the end of the year and meander through the next few days and weeks.  There is so much I thought I would have done by 45, such lives I would have led - you know when I was a kid and 2000 seemed so far in the future - and there is so much more that I was lucky to have unexpectedly have actually done.  

Dear Santa - just keep letting the adventure continue - -I have been good (mostly), naughty (ummm not a 50 shades memoir so will just leave it at naughty) and once in a while a combination.  Bring me what you will ...


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