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Poking the Bear

As a parent and as a self identified fairly liberal minded person I find it hard at times to understand the conflict that rages through my heart and mind about Russia.  It does not extend to Russian people I meet, many who have become friends, but to Russia as a power under a man like Putin.  Under a man like Gorbachev I welcomed it .  As someone who teaches her sons to not prejudge I cannot tell you what a knee jerk reaction I have to seeing Putin. 

I am a child of the Soviet Iron Curtain era.  I guess part of me will never let that go and most of me does not want to, big believer that one should know history.  To me a dominant, expansionist KGB (cause there is no such thing as former KGB unless you are RIP) in Russia is to be eyed wearily. I separate governments from people though based on my experiences and while I shudder at the thought of the Soviet (by definition that is a government body/party in Russian) I share an experience of yearning for freedom with the Russian people.  



As a mom I get asked questions that I file into the "what are you thinking asking me that?" category.  Among them are things that really show a lack of awareness, some meanness and some even in the "I am far superior in my parenting skills" category.  These can range from the unknowingly hot buttons - "how do you leave your children every day to go to work ? I could never" oh yes because I leave my children with no thought whatsoever to them and plan not at all for every imagined emergency by having back up plans worthy of the Pentagon.  There are the "so you chose your career?" (my friends who gave up jobs usually get the "so you what do you do all day?") again yes I did with no thought to the impact on my kids, both positively (goal setting, following a career, the financial benefits, that women can work outside the home equally to men) and negatively (no I cannot make every remind me the day before school event, yes I buy cupcakes f…

Teaching kids to Just say no

This past week one of my favorite actors was found dead.  I thought Phillip Seymour Hoffman had an incredible talent.  Much as the media makes it seems as if we know these famous people - reality is that we don't.  It is a loss for acting, for his family and it is tragic.  His death was due to a drug overdose.  This has led to the usual chatter - "how could he?", " he had everything", "selfish" and the other side "tragic", "sad" and "how could he?"- change the tone on that last one and it is a different than the first one in this line. 

I don't know how he could - couldn't  - did or didn't.  I know heroin has always been a scary drug, others were scary too crack/meth/coke, but not in the same way for me.  I know they are all addictive but the thought of putting a needle in any part of my body (if you were ever to talk to my doctor he would tell you how he has to gently/not gently push me to have blood tests - a…

No Makeup Monday ? - No thank you

 I was listening to the radio one morning getting ready for work, putting on my make-up, when Z100 had a whole discussion with the djs on "no make-up Monday" was Tuesday.  The women there had gone make up less for a day and it was a big debate on how they felt about it. As I sat there with my newest stash - am total cheater as I like to use different brands (Nars, MAC, Tom Ford, Hourglass, Bobbi Brown and those are just my favorites) - of stuff and listening to this I thought "are you kidding me?".  Yes that is what went through my mind.

 A friend of mine recently wrote an amazing blog about her grandmother and among the things she mentioned was that this was a woman who always put herself together and looked elegant before going out.  That is wonderful.  I get a lot of ribbing for never going even to the supermarket in less than somewhat of an outfit, it may be leggings with some ballet flats and cute top but you are not ever going to see this girl in her pjs …