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I have always been a person who embraces change and new adventures.  It is the reason my husband and I had a disagreement, ok full on ghetto sounding fight 'cause we are both from Queens, in the ever "too posh for that behavior" Stickley Audi furniture store.  I like nice furniture but I also know I get bored and eventually I want to change it - he is of the you buy it once and will it to the next generation mentality.  In case you are wondering we wound up with a lot of our furniture from there, love their style, with the knowledge that couches and wall paint will be changed -- and have been once already in 8 years - with more frequency.

Since I so like these changes I tend to be pretty open to trying new places to live.  Maybe this comes from the fact that I moved 3 times before I was 8 in my native Romania, at 8 to a whole new continent, country, culture.  I lived in 2 apartments in the same building and moved to a new block and apartment between my arrival in NY (3rd …

Just a girl looking for a party

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.
Abraham Lincoln

First order of business - I recently changed my hair from the years of blonde that I have had it to a deep auburn color...and I got a lot of questions regarding my blog.  As I have a hard time with monogamous commitments to my hair relationships I am not changing the name...because if history is any indicator then I will be blonde by choice again at some choice is the operative phrase here.

Frilly stuff aside with this past weekend being the celebration of the birthdays (you know they could have let us have 2 long weekends, not combined the holiday but whatever) of 2 Presidents who are among my favorites it got me to thinking .... what party do I belong to?

I was raised in a staunch Republican household.  It is understandable that my parents whose experience with socialism was the failure that the Eastern Bloc nations, you know the place where the "people" took over, took …

Roses are red ...

My funny valentine
Sweet comic valentine
You make me smile with my heart
Your looks are laughable
Yet you're my favourite work of art......."My Funny Valentine"

For all those cynics who say it is a Hallmark holiday, personally feel like it is more like a sponsored holiday, there are all those of us who actually like Valentine's Day.  After all why not have a celebration of that most wonderful feeling  You know love the kind that is written about since time began, that makes you foolish, makes you smile in the middle of doing something mundane because you think of the person who gives you that warm, slightly queasy feeling. Love that is actually part lust, part friendship and lasts for a long time...or love that is fleeting but still spins us around while we are part of it. 

Valentine's Day is also about heartbreak  -  those people who passed your desk in school as they gave someone else a card, the one that maybe you never told that his was the …

The name quandary

I love having my sons' friends over - we are lucky, and yes I had a hand in this - if I don't now I know I won't later, that they have chosen some kids whose parents share our parenting style (indulgent to the child to let them grow but with limits as to shape that growth) and overall are just good kids.

I recently had 2 boys, brothers also in similar ages to mine, over for a play date.  There was a lot of ribbing between their Dad during drop off (really you want all 4 of them? - him I figured if it gets bad I could always sell them on ebay - Me) but I had no worries.  I know these kids, all of their friends have been in our lives (with great friendships of our own formed via library reading days at infancy to geez how much homework do I have to do 3rd grade meetings) since many of them were toddlers.  I know what to expect - they are going to play some sort of save-the-world-planet from insert monster - recent movie villain, some slight squabbling over the set up (which …