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Tales of a Middle School Mom

I know you have seen this blog start this way before ... while I logically process that my first born child is now in middle school and 11 I somehow am still shocked to see that on paper.  

This week a flurry of school notices and bus schedules have reminded me that next week my child is going into middle school.

Whaaattttt?  First that means that summer is almost over, sigh and sadness because the beach and this time of year is by far my happiest place, and second it means that I have to get over myself and stop looking to make every day Throwback Thursday with pictures of when he was but a small boy.  

Middle school - something a little scary from what I hear from some - after all now there will be these 8th graders with hormones, something to prove and pre-teen angst surrounding my boy, and his friends, who are so much smaller.  The terrors in my mind far outweigh anything actually based in reality of course.  I was a mess with the school bus when he first had to take it, and though a…

The girl on the magazine cover

One of the things I like about August, the fact that it is still summer and beach time is my top reason, is toward the end the big fashion magazines come out.  There is something that I just love about sitting at the beach, scanning these fat books because the Fall issues are out, sound of the surf and the smell of the ocean.

I could go with the Playboy excuse, I buy them for the articles, but while there are some interesting articles in there I buy them for the centerfolds and every beautiful spread in between each cover.  It is a bit of a mystery to some people who know me and totally makes sense to others.

After all I am a proud feminist - the kind that thinks women should have all the same opportunities as men, who gets angry at any mention of gender discrimination, rabidly pro-choice and women empowered to have options for birth control.  I am the mother who teaches her sons their responsibilities in life include their behavior with and toward women as well as how to be embrace wo…

I am an immigrant...I am American

Not going to give the clown running for office (which one may have come to mind of many of you) any more publicity by mentioning his name but his anti immigrant stance has really ticked me off.  Almost as badly as the religious fanaticism we are seeing on the far right, the anti-choice campaigns and a host of other science denying that just make my blood boil.  After all I am an American by choice which means I feel I have the right to disagree without being afraid. I get upset in general when we are not as great as I think we can be but these are the topics that ticked me off in the past few weeks - there are others trust me but then blog would be book. 

That's right I am an American by choice not by birth - that pretty much will cover many of today's current citizens, and potential citizens.  It means that while I can see room for improvement to me the US is still the home I want to live in and the one that I want to fight to make better.  I love the speech from the opening e…

Sleepovers and other modern day parenting dilemmas

Full disclaimer these are all first world middle class problems; doesn't make them less to those who experience them but I feel fortunate that these are the issues that plague me compared to where will we sleep?  will my hometown be invaded and my children survive ? can I feed them ?  My 11 year old is reading as his chosen non-fiction book an autobiography about child soldiers - he is becoming a pacifist and it leads to some really interesting discussions but overall he is sad that children must suffer. 

So back to my issues as my kids got older I found myself on the deciding end of the following things and they are all coupled with teaching decision making, understanding today's world not parenting to the one I grew up in, learning from my parents, learning from my parents' mistakes aka shit I hated that they did to me, support and independence and sometimes a bunch of these in one shot.  I love being a Mom - more than I could have imagined but between the media blitz and…