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Only how many weekends left?

It has always felt this way - after my birthday the summer is on a bullet train to the end of the line.  Now for a summer baby like me this is not a welcome thought.  I do like Fall, the clothes are super cute and the whole changing of the leaves while colder but not nasty freezing out is pleasant, with all it's warm during the day moments and cooler nights. However, you cannot beat summer for me.

So as usual right after my birthday I look at the calendar and get crestfallen about the few weekends left.  In those few weekends we will cram as many things as possible of course, just because that is how we tend to do it in this house.  The beach - oh the beautiful beach.  I love the beach - I dream of a house on the beach and do not burst my fantasy with the reality of cost and upkeep please - the waves crashing, the smell oh that smell of salt water made me smile just thinking of it.  I like the clear blues of other seas but there is nothing with the power of the waves, powerful and …

I am not Trayvon Martin's Mom

So I will not tell people I know how she feels, what she thinks or what her next statement may sound like.  I am not a young man of African-American descent nor am I George Zimmerman.  I do not own a firearm and I try to admit to and deal with any prejudices I may have.  I do not trust anyone who says they have no prejudices because we all have them just in different amounts about something.  For me I know they center in my issues with religions and exclusivity of organizations that stem from that doctrine with your deity of choice.  I am no better than the hateful things they say if I start to hate them. 

I have children who are a product of multiple ethnicity, some of which in years past did not tolerate each other to the point that they killed one another just because they could. They are amazing for the mix they have and for the people they are in their own right.  I am sad for her because as a human being regardless if her child was a good kid, a bad kid, or somewhere in between h…

This side of 50... did I just write 50?!

A friend of mine wrote a blog about being on the other side of 40, she is 42, and it was quite witty. She talked about being more comfortable with certain aspects of herself as she passed that Oh my crap I am 40 or over stuff.  I also was a little surprised because she is gorgeous, runs the universe and has time to be a great Mom and fun friend still... and yet I guess even the "best" among us doesn't always know they are terrific.

I have not been one to really have issues with my age.  I mean really if you know me for a long time and are a friend then telling you I am younger than I am seems either like dementia on my part or my thinking you have it.  If we graduated from high school together ...ehem baby Einstein you were not so we are roughly the same age give or take a few months.  My mother also once told me that if you are going to lie about your age add 2 -3 years so people can ooh and ahh at how well you look... otherwise looks like life may not have been kind if …

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