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When your kid makes the bad choice

We talk a lot about bad behavior and when a child is treated poorly we are all appalled and rightfully so.  We also talk a lot of crap about parental response.  After all we have become increasingly judgmental in the age of social media as we tell our children not to be judgmental in the age of social media.

BC (before children) when I and pretty much most people I know can tell you exactly what we will and will not do and how our future offspring will be the next perfectly behaved child with endless talents, we are all perfect parents.   Before children we of course will know how we will parent and will never use "because I said so", let them eat cookies in the supermarket, ever cave to making separate meals to accommodate their lack of wanting to eat what the adults are eating and will never lose our shit with them (in private or public).   Ha! We may try to do these things but in the end this mom is very comfortable with admitting I have lost my shit privately and publicly…

Bad Moms - bring it

It was just Mother's Day in the States - a lovely holiday celebrating our mothers, or being mothers.  We ooh and ahh at the home made gifts and hope for a little pampering.  The cards can get you teary and the big hugs and kisses from the kiddies = well they are priceless.

In the midst of all of this one or more media outlets always does a poll .. what does mom really want for Mother's Day?  In the past few years the number one answer is  - wait for it - a day or weekend alone and not reachable.  No it is not sponsored by travel or hotel companies.

I get it - this year in my town, a place where moms are super involved and we are all front and center for everything we are planning a movie outing to see "Bad Moms".  I have to digress while it is good that we support our children there is a part of me that thinks that we have gone completely nuts about this.  I mean they will be ok if you do not go to every game, especially at 11 and 9 - baseball is purgatory for this …

Hormones and other adventures in middle school parenting

I have a list of irrational fears for my kids, that are not totally impossible to imagine but that add to the anxiety known as motherhood.  These have somewhat changed as they have aged but many remain.

Some of these are, in no particular order;

Children being kidnapped - one to many episodes of Criminal Minds or my new obsession The Family at fault here.   Statistically hasn't changed much in 30 or so years, most still are familial disputes I still cannot stop myself from fearing this and telling my kids about this danger.

Children being molested - the transgender bathroom law did not make me think that public bathrooms could be unsafe.  I have always thought public restrooms harbor potential for danger (and grossness) and to the best of my knowledge it is not the transgendered I fear since statistically speaking it is heterosexual males who are predators. I will walk inside a men's room with no issue if my mom sense tells me to.  I fear this from strangers and from anyone bec…