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A Tale of Two Immigrants

I could not have started this blog with words any better than those - thank you Mr. Dickens.

As an immigrant the Boston bombings last year hit me hard in two ways - one is at the loss of human life and the acts of terrorism against my country and one as an immigrant watching another set of immigrants from a former Soviet bloc country do this to that same country.  It made me really angry !!!

Those of us who come here by choice - because invitations are rare and often only to people like David Beckham.  We come here to fulfill needs such as lack of opportunities in home countries, fears of persecution in homelands, and dreams of what America means as much as the US as an actual place.  America with it's faults and fault lines is still a beacon to the many, many people that have come through the ages and continue to come.  New immigrants along side with those who have been here for generations are the fabric that weaves what is this nation.  There is a lot that can be fixed in the U…

Are kids spoiled today?

I cannot stand the word spoiled - just can't and not sure I ever could - so ironically enough when I titled this blog I almost changed it but then I thought that is one of the things to address. 

Spoiled - I mean seriously that is something that goes rank in your fridge or cupboard.  I have a co-worker who is 8 1/2 months pregnant and right before taking leave she came with another series of questions.  I told her with all the other questions she had asked me through her pregnancy,  that basically for me parenting is a lot about understanding how to balance what the child needs with who they are and throw in a dash of how you react to it all.  This time her questions were about picking up the baby if it cries vs letting it cry.  Now I know for everyone who did what I did - picked up child after a few minutes, sometimes it was a test cry which when not addressed led to guess I will go back to sleep, if crying continued.  I did not see letting these little boys cry until they were sp…

Spring Break

Those of us suffering, I mean living in the Northeast this year  - ok at least I was suffering and moaning about it - with what has been an endless, cold, give me a break not again snowstorm and snow school closing winter-  it seems as though finally as we inch toward May warmth and sun are here. 

I actually like living in a place with seasons, as nice as San Fran was when I lived there the days seemed to literally be one long day because there was very little variation in the weather.  For some this is nirvana for me it was just what I wrote one long endless day.  I like the variety of the seasons, partially because of the fashion options and mostly because it really makes me feel like I am moving forward on the conveyor belt of life.  Spring makes me cheesily poetic as you can see. 

Spring comes also with the wonderful notion of spring break.  Now as a kid growing up in Queens this did not equate as it does for my kids to Caribbean/Floridian/Warm weather destination family trip.  It o…

To test or not to test .. that was the question

Last week was the first in a series of multi hour tests that my 4th grader has to take that are state wide.  It is all part of the Common Core curricula and implementation that is hitting nation wide.  I am not sure I have ever been more proud of how involved and dedicated parents are with either their incessant support of the kids who took it as well with the opt out that so many chose.  Both parents who had their children take the tests, encouragement and instilling pride for doing their best, and parents who opted out because they felt the test was not how a year should be focused on teaching to this test or the biggest basis for the fantastic teachers they saw with their kids.

Common Core is one of those things, like so many healthcare act comes to mind immediately, where the government identifies a need and develops a solution.  The need is real - children in the States like everywhere deserve to have a school curricula that matches the areas that will be important for their futur…

Dear Diary

I was a prolific journal keeper when I was younger.   My first "diary" was a faux leather white book with a little lock, that I had to break as I hid the key so well it will never be found unless there is a landfill dump some day.  It was not really well designed to write in but I believe the appeal was said lock.

It probably is where my love of writing started.  I could dream on those pages of places, careers and boys, ok mostly I dreamt and wrote of boys..honestly cannot remember not liking them, my first boy crush who I still remember for some reason with his blonde hair shorn in a crew cut was 5 to my 4 and we played so well in the little park behind the building I grew up in Bucharest - well until I went to hug him and he bit me.  I promptly bit him back and believe then we consciously uncoupled (still eye rolling at Gwyneth).  Back to the diary; as an only child you have a lot of solitary time to do things with your imagination.  There is the typical playing and talkin…