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Only child raising 2 kids

Only Child Raising 2 Children - Feel like this should be a Dear Abby letter title;

Dear Abby;

I am an only child.  If you believe the stereotype then I know nothing about sharing, am totally self-absorbed and pretty much believe that the sun not only revolves around me but basically that it is but a mere star compared to how important I am.  If you know the reality it is nothing like this.  I am sure there are only children like that, much like there are children from multiple families like that, but that is defined by the mental health profession as Narcissistic Personality Disorder - difficult to treat and hell to have one in your family.  I know from personal experience ... if it is not somehow about them you will pay, when it is about them you will pay - it is not fun.

Only children that I know are usually burdened with this stereotype and have to defend it - part of me has long ago realized that some of it is pure drivel and other parts I embrace.  Yes I had a lot of attention -…

Time for me

Time for me .. I hear this lament so often from fellow moms.  Moms who work outside the home, moms who work from home and moms whose work is now their family.  Time for me - we don't have it and we feel guilty when we take it, rushed and crunched between things we do for our families.   

Recently I read an article about a wide reaching study, think of all the money we spend on all these surveys to tell us exactly how we should be as mothers/the impact our choices have as mothers/ the "we want it all" ...blah blah blah all basically just adding to the pressure we put on ourselves, that concluded that we too often have created our own worst enemy.  We all try, based on those other surveys/social media/media/"they", to be these have it all women and also these mothers that never existed.  That's right a model that never existed, not for mothers and not for fathers either.  This ever present, child entertainer, constant need filler who works out, looks sharp, ca…

Spin the Bottle

You read that title right .. Spin the Bottle, eventually replaced or followed by 7 minutes in heaven.  I was  recently was looking at some old pics from 8th grade, gotta love Facebook just when you thought your awkward outfit that you had absolutely had to have "please mom every one has Gunny Sack dress puhhhhleeeze", yes that one, and which you hope is not going to leave the pages of the sticky clear page family album is on the internet.

The outfit, 1981, lilac,  lace at the top - did I sport a cameo at the neck? Yeah you bet, Gunny Sack (love my friend who called it at first sight), is the epitome of the late 70s early 80s, before hair got big, skirts got little and everything went from muted tones to neon.  It looks like any moment I could break out into "You've got a Friend".  My friend in the picture fares no better on the fashion front.  She is wearing an off the shoulders (remember this is before one shoulder down Flashdance made that the style - when we…

Have a magical day

I have two amazing sons who for the longest time did not ask to go to Disney.  Two years ago they finally brought it up,  some of their friends were going for repeat visits and there was the allure of some new rides they heard of.  The rides they were talking about were not even at Disney but the conversation started.

Along with millions of other parents, I do not exaggerate as they have millions of visitors a year, I looked into it.  I looked like one of their cartoons ... mouth agape, small birds flying above my head when I priced it.  I have spent time at Disney, as a child and as an adult (business meetings are commonly held at the resort).  It is a bit cultish for me .. the whole "have a magical day" and have to say the idea that adults go there without children, especially for their honeymoon, is just so not me.  I also have about a 3 -  5 day maximum tolerance for Florida.  I know as a New Yorker it should have a retirement, spring break, break from winter appeal for…