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Putting the brakes on .... screech, slide, stop summer from ending

Having just returned from the West Coast have to say California, especially So Cal, has really nice weather.  You know palm trees, pretty beaches with mountains, surfers ... all nice but I have about a 5 day tolerance for So Cal before all of that turns into - why oh why do they have to drive everywhere (I mean really, it's flat and the weather is nice walk people we do it in much harsher conditions on the East Coast)?? Why is everything a 45 min traffic ordeal when they have 6-7 lane highways in each direction (again walk people)?  Why don't they have public transportation ?  They are too slow, too mellow - but did I mention how pretty it is and how nice their weather is ?? 

You would assume a summer lover like me would love climate like that year round right?? I would like climate like that for more time than I get but I love the changing of the seasons - up to about Jan.  I could fast forward right through February and March right to April.  I do not enjoy the cold that take…

On Friendships .. when all the others will be forgot .. ours will still be hot

I suffer from a common malady - I remember what I should not be forgetting often in times when bad news hits.

This past weekend a friend of mine died rather suddenly.  We were not very close and oddly enough we became friends at work.  I tend to keep a separation as most people do, with good reason, between my personal life and the relationships at work.  This was more important when my personal life was quite a bit wilder than my work persona conveyed - these days my definition of wild revolves around staying up past 10pm on any given night.   I am a very outgoing person who enjoys being social - I would not like to work from home full time it feels like solitary confinement to me.  I understand the boundaries of work, I don't open up all that much except to a few people anyway, and that work relationships are definitely bumpered. 

Yet once in a while you meet someone who you connect with, or maybe someone who you find fascinating at work, and through the magic of social media are …

We do everything that interests them

The other day I was looking at my kids as they got a little whiny and complainey (I know it's not a real word but it so fits) about having to do something that was for us.  My kids like most of their friends are used to parenting that goes a little something like this:

1) Vacations - planned with tours geared toward the kids so they do not get bored if they are in foreign locales.  Full of child friendly down time including sitting and watching them play at a park in said destination.  Maybe they are theme parks that you spend obnoxious amounts on to ride and be surrounded by music that on a loop could be used in Guantanamo Bay but it may be even more repugnant than waterboarding.

2) Weekends - planned around sports schedule which you must attend all of, even in say Little League or Rec Center training of said sports.  Of course if you are a Mom you will find scathing articles about what type of mother at these events you are (distracted, social, psycho...) because after all it…