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The world is safer now than it ever has been

A friend of mine recently posted this on FaceBook in response to a status about the war and chaos in the Middle East, compounded by the plane being shot down and a variety of other events that make the news one of the most frightening things to watch.  I am a total knowledge geek, product of a father who made me look up anything I asked him about that he did not have ready answer for, so of course I had to check that out for myself.

I did and study after study  - no not Op Ed pages but actual journals and organizations that are legitimate - seem to have been studying world violence trends for years.  Who knew?? After all these people obviously do not have any influence on the news which deals in gore and anger and rarely on this amazing statistic.

How could that be ??  Venezuela is a mess, Libya is a slow burn, Syria is on fire, Iraq has Isis and a host of other problems, the Taliban is doing it's deeds all over Afghanistan,  Palestine and Israel - who cares who started it how abou…

From rubber ducky to Nautica body spray

I remember when my first son was born and I looked at him the day after I gave birth and was amazed that he was mine, that he was so perfect and that I was bowled over by the love that I felt for someone who had yet to do more than peep at me and eat.

It is probably among the most common things people say to new parents .. "watch out it all goes so fast".  Yet in those first few months - you know the ones where at day one as you walk out of the hospital after you gingerly took at least 10 min or more to dress child (because before you have children that hand knitted outfit with buttons seemed so adorable for picture taking - and as you did it you were afraid the nurses would get some sort of beep as you tried to put child into it, who was not still, and you did not want to break them getting them dressed).  You took at least another 10 min putting them in the car seat, was their head really supposed to drop like that - I mean you bought the baby neck pillow but was that suff…

The King .. Thank you, thank you very much

 My memories seem to usually be more about summer than other seasons mostly because it is my birthday during that time and it is so much my favorite time of year.  

I associate summer with the usual things beach, vacations, beach, long days, beach, songs and dancing at beach clubs, beach... you get the picture.  The other memory I have of this time of year is of Elvis.  One of my first and, still now looking at pictures, forever crushes. 

It was my 2nd year in the States and my parents were able to actually take a vacation too.  They had previously used their limited funds, they came to the States before me, to get settled and mostly to get me out of Romania ( don't care what else you think of him big shout out to Pres Ford whose visit to Romania led to my getting to be with my parents).  Their budget was limited so off to Florida we went - in August.  Did you all just shudder - the heat, the humidity, the fact that all those displaced East Coasters go back to their Northeast areas …

Bicontinental baby

I am one of those immigrants who loves being an American by choice.  I get weepy at the Star Spangled Banner - ok must add exceptions do not like it when it is sung as a pop song, country song, rap song or badly it is hard to sing but sing it like it was written -- and Ray Charles singing America the Beautiful.  I get angry at politicians who make choices that go against the things I love about the US - democracy and that amazing piece of paper the Declaration of Independence.  I think most Americans by birth or choice are actually these incredibly welcoming people not the gun totting fundamentalist cuckoos who somehow have hijacked the media.  I guess after all it is kind of boring to have news articles about people who are just trying to get by, not interested in more than their or their children's futures -- much more catchy to show the outcasts.  

Besides being an American by choice I am actually a New Yorker - NYC and I, we are pretty much in each other's DNA as far as I a…