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Cleanin' out my closet

Trends come and go but one thing is usually a constant someone is trying to sell you some method or accessories in the name of making your life less cluttered.  

About 15 years ago it was the container store - I mean you did not really need to get rid of your stuff when you could put it in lovely decorative containers.  They were lovely and some were quite useful but let's face it buying more things to store the too many things you have is really pretty counterintuitive.  

Then there was the feng-shui trend - we were all dodging cross winds and setting our beds according to the Eastern, or was it Western, flow of ... ah whatever.   I did not do it.  I am one of the least superstitious people I know and the idea that my chi or my chai (oh wait that's a drink) can go out the window just doesn't do it for me.  I like the idea of Asian aesthetic but not necessarily to the extent of my ancestors needing to live in a corner with incense. 

I grew up in apartments and it is a wonderf…

As my guitar gently weeps

There is no usual blog that could be written today because it is only the 3rd month of the year and my heart is just full of sadness  - people choose to use religion as to get and give comfort, as a goal to make us better people but there are many who choose it as a the weapon to kill and destroy -- they choose.  I am not a believer in organized religion but I do believe in humanity -- we can do better - whatever your doctrine today is the day to tell those people who use any religion that they can no longer hijack whatever you believe in to ostracize and kill.  Enough is enough -- may those families who lost people in these attacks, those who were injured and the rest of us who are scarred not be scared -- people are good they really are and it is time for the good people to make that the faith that runs the world. 

In honor of all those who were victims in 2016 ;


Regrets I've had a few

My musical taste is pretty vast - I like it all from bad pop to sing along to (Yes I have Blamed it on the Rain, Been a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World and have seen The Sign and it did not open up my mind but it may have been looking to Tell me the Reason for Being Lonely).  Yes I know shudder inducing to my musical friends but come on what is better than bad pop to sing along to, easily to memorized and just as easily forgotten until it comes on again.

Among these silly yet highly entertaining songs I like artists and songs that actually push musical boundaries and are still amazing 50 - 60 years after they came out.  Music often sings my soul and can be as silly as I mentioned above or it can be an anthem of our souls, our direction and our collective pain.  One of my favorite artists is someone that I actually liked to listen along with my Dad but not as much as I liked his Rat Pack buddy Dean, when I was younger.  A man who I personally liked both vocals and looks more as he aged. …

Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce - and politics

I am an unapologetic about it optimist by nature - I do not fight it or apologize for it.  It is not the personality many would assume about a woman who totally thinks of herself as a NYC girl yet to me to live in NY you have to be an optimist.  You have to be a complain about the weather, regardless of season, subway, traffic, crime, too many people resident who a) never allows non New Yorkers to think they in any way can put down the same things about the city that we do b) cannot really see themselves not part of the city c) are the eternal fucking optimists to get through this crazy metropolis that we live in.  If we didn't we would look like Gotham - dark, grey, dingy - but instead we always see the bat light.

As an optimist there are so many things that in the current climate are truly challenging me.  I guess if I was a believer in some faith this would be the time my faith was tested.  I actually do believe in nature and it's wonder, I believe that we have a responsibi…

'Riting, 'Rithmatic and Rhythm

I have always valued intelligent people.  People who love learning as much as they love the knowledge they acquire.   I have a some friends who really are impressive in how much they know and more importantly on the variety and diversity of subjects they can discuss.   I can listen and talk to them endlessly. I am always thrilled to have the time with them if a little humbled by their breadth of knowledge. 

In this spirit I have always liked school, there were subjects that I did not love (math - needed but not my passion, ok I barely tolerated it even though somehow I was always in some sort of honors classes, maybe that was fear of bad grades being brought home).  I love science, English and history are probably among my top two favorite things to learn about.  I could do without homework and the tests - ok who likes the tests?  One of the things I like more about the US college system is also that when you get to college you do not have to go to a specialized school, many of the EU …