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Please put down the electronics

I love electronics - would be ironic if as I was writing on a laptop,  a blog that goes into the ether,  I would say I did not.  I think the internet is endless possibilities and the library of Alexandria rolled into one, apps and new devices fascinate and lure me and most of all I actually do like the connectivity. 

I am not a luddite in any way and have never been.  I shared with my father a love of new inventions. I loved the new stereos he liked because they sounded better and had more options, I liked that he had an 8 track player in his car because now you could take music with you, I had a walkman when they came out, the disc camera and polaroid, my cameras got smaller and then went digital.  I loved my boom box with it's dual cassette deck that could record songs one from another as well as from the radio, man that was time consuming you had to always have it on record and pause, fingers poised like in a Western gun battle to push that pause, releasing it so you could recor…

Go to the park

Having grown up in cities and in apartments I have always thought of parks as communal backyards. From an early age I saw them as the place this only child could play with other children.  Where I could learn that sharing, cause you know how every parent of an only child heard the myth and is over the top OCD about making sure we only children share, did not mean letting someone take something home.  That it meant waiting your turn to get on a slide and that there are some mean ass kids out there.

As a teenager parks were the places you hid from adults in as night settled in.  They were you went to play handball if they had a handball wall or to watch a boy you liked shoot baskets through metal hoops.  These were the places that at night, especially Astoria Park - look it up, great view of the city and great Hell's Gate Bridge, you went to sit for hours on the railing and talk about boys and dreams and making fun of the adults that just didn't get us. You did some serious sing…

Stranger Things and First Times

My boys like to have certain activities with me, often not inviting each other so it is just time for me with one or the other as well as the times when they reluctantly agree to let the other one join.   

I treasure time with my kids for I understand it is fleeting - before long, they will be just like we all were, teenagers with their own plans and then on to college morphing into planned visits.  So I will watch some crazy movie with superheroes and pick my favorite ones, Batman and Iron Man of course (hot guys with billions who want to save the world .. duh), and partake in the debates that follow about who would beat whom.  I have played paddle ball at the beach more times than I can remember, swam and played tag in the ocean even at 49 and generally can be persuaded into their games except for video games.  I hung up my video games when it no longer required either quarters or playing tennis with a square ball was the bomb when it came out.  My skills though quite impressive were…

Smart is as Smart does

Access to information is more readily available to more people than ever in the history of time.   Reliable information as well as pure malarkey (what I can use the word too) out there, for most the world with just a few clicks on a keyboard.

Yet increasingly we have seen a push for what is politely called anti-intellectualism and I call if we keep them uninformed they will follow.   This is not a new tactic.  Information and education have always been closely guarded and parsed out.  Religion has been great at this tactic and as usual religion and power are closely tied together, so those supporting said religion have encouraged this throughout the ages.  I do not want to use the word stupid because that implies a lack of ability to process no no I am going with ignorance. 

In previous eras religion and rulers were able to keep people uninformed by not giving them access to literacy and written documents.  Today they have found they could this through memes, websites and the old fashi…