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Summer Days drifting away ..

But oh those summer nights...oh I swear I blink and summer is half way gone - though  my eyes do start scanning the shelves in magazine kiosk for that giant issue of the fashion rags (love them - fashion the thing my wallet is too small for and by body too big for -- but which I just love looking at) which comes toward the end of summer and I start thinking of ways to extend every moment of this season that I love so much. 

Summer with it's long daylight and balmy nights - reminding me of summer loves that I had in years past.  The days spent trying to control (and losing) my hair which grows to porno size blonde frizz - days at the beach enjoying the smell of the salty ocean (something so sexy about that) and playing with the kids there.  Summer with it's light clothing and need for very little make up - come on I know that sunscreen is a must (and use it) but let's face it those of us who are pasty in the winter all seem that much better looking and glowing in the summer …

Crime and Punishment

You know the only people who are always sure about the proper way to raise children? Those who've never had any.
Bill Cosby

In my heedy BC (before child) days when I knew how to parent and what not to do - I had children who never needed punishment or for me to raise my voice, lose my temper because they would listen the first time I told them something in a soft whisper.  Yeah well about as likely as me meeting a real Christian Grey who looked like Brad Pitt and was looking to whisk me off my feet -- fantasy, quite nice but notta gonna happen. 

In real life I find myself repeating the same request (hmmm okay sometimes command) over and over and over so many times that usually my voice feels the need to try the same exact request at different frequencies - increasingly higher hoping that the howling of dogs, as I get to a screech, will reach my children who will be impressed enough to look up from the device or toy of choice.  However, should I whisper to my husband in his ear "…

45 Shades, shadows and spots

After posting a picture on Facebook I found myself remembering why I either take more pictures of my sons than I do of myself and definitely why I tend to not take close ups.  While I do not hide my age nor pretend that I am any younger, it is still a bit of a stark reality to see the lines, shadows and spots.  I am going to be 45 this week and saying that as I get closer to the date does make me think a little (not wince 'cause the lines will show more).

It makes me think of all the things that I thought I would do by this age - plans made when I was so young that 45 seemed so old.  I have not become a writer like I wanted, well not in the books that I have yet to even think about sending to a publisher.  I did not live in Europe - particularly Rome and Venice - for a few years.  There were no year long treks living in European cities.  I have not set up a studio where I can paint.  There are the times I held back and did not love with the wild abandon that would have led to serio…

Best friends..

There are countless articles, movies and books written about female friendships - especially best friend ones.  Studies show that women handle friendships very differently then men - that they embrace them with all they have and rely on them to navigate through all of the major life events.  I have some amazing, intelligent, supportive female friends and many of them have been part of my life for 20 or more years.  I did not want to move to the suburbs for a variety of reasons but one of them was the thought of leaving my friends or not being able to see them as often - as if having children was not going to change that anyway, but at the time pregnant and without a clue about this parenting business it was the 'burbs that was the roadblock.  I am a very social and friendly person, yes that one that walks into a room and talks to every one, but I do not open up easily and those heart-bound friendships, you know the ones where you can say anything or pour out your soul happen very …

50 Shades Freed

Guess if you are going to say, publicly, that you are not going to do something and then do it well don't be a politician just admit it.  I wasn't going to read any more of the Grey series after the first one and I have to admit that  I read all 3 of the books - mostly because I am slightly obsessive and wanted to see what happened next.  Did I like the books?  Hmm eye rolling occurring as I write this - and maybe even some lip biting - not sure how to answer that.

I still love the fact that women are buying them as a real F * U to the ultra conservative movement that wants to pretend either that women have only the desire to procreate (stupid aspirin between knees comment comes to mind - hey dude maybe they just needed the aspirin after listening to you and your dumb ass) or that they are so powerful that a mere look at them turns a man into ravaging imbecile (burka or any other cover comes to mind).  Nope - women still like sex and apparently a lot - especially the kind that…

It's friendship, friendship, nothing more than friendship

Once we were standing still in time
Chasing the fantasies
That filled our minds.....Theme from Mahogany

I cannot remember the last time I got home after 2am- until this past weekend.  I know it will not happen again for a long time.  It brought me back to the times when 2am was the hour we may be switching clubs, or switching from clubs to bars or vice versa with a few hours still to go before a trek to some place that served burgers deluxe, the much needed grease to absorb the alcohol.  Those dancing days are over but I will say I did enjoy seeing New York, very much awake, as if it was 2 pm not 2 am last Saturday night.

I spent the night with friends from grammar, now called middle school at some point called junior high, school.  It was not an official reunion just a nicely planned evening with people who I have seen only on Facebook, with one exception, in the last ...ehem in 32 years.  Wow it is as daunting looking on paper as it is when you say it.

Thirty- two years - nope doesn'…