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A Halloween Tale

I am a big fan of outdoor walking, running type of exercise.  I don't dislike the treadmill when it is very cold, do not like tracks (the idea of walking in a circle over and over is so boring to me) but overall I prefer the outdoor walk.  In our town it is a bit of a challenge, there are hills, and I do not mean little hills I mean we think we are the San Fran of the East hills.  My walks around my neighborhood range from 3 - 6 miles depending on the day and many a time I try and get my sons to go with me.  Now if you do not have children in the age range of 7 - 9 you may think - what's the big deal, exercise is good for them.  Yeah... well my children who learned to walk in cities and who can deal have to be coaxed into the 3 mile walk and only the older one will attempt the 6 mile one.  I know the hills.. the pant like old ladies at the Bingo hall circa 1975 but then they get a groove.  In order to make these walks less of "really? how much longer? that hill? serious…

When I was a Fearless Girl

In what could only be described as a New York moment last week I walked by someone I had not seen since I was 20.  After getting a flu shot, total anomaly for me,  I found myself with no subway back to Grand Central. As the weather has been amazing, comfortable flats on thought I would do something that I just love,  walk the 30 blocks.  I love walking in the city, it's never dull. I get energy from it.  However, Lexington Ave around Bloomies gets bit to crowded for me so around 62 Street I decide to cut to Park.

Listening to my music, feeling great, enjoying every moment and of course seeing everything without missing a beat I walk by a man and a woman talking. I did a double take at the same time he did, he let out a loud "Holy ahhhh" in much higher pitch than I did.  It was a friend, one of the first friends I made when I started Hunter College. The year was 1985 and I worked in the Registrar's office, for $3.25 a hour as public colleges paid minimum wage.   I wor…

Fitz or Jake

    I am an avid fan of the show Scandal.  I know it's not Homeland, House of Cards or the Newsroom but it is politics and sexy and fun. 

The best part of course, well if you have seen it the acting is the best part because you actually start to believe you know these people in the characters they portray because they make you forget they don't really exist.  I mean he is the best looking president and has none of those grey hair and worry lines each actual president gets about 5 min after taking office. I am sure there are sneaky things in DC but this is it on meth and then some. 

The best part for my friends and I though is the Olivia dilemma...she is in love with a married man. Not just any married man but one that cannot leave his wife because he is president.  One that has the best lines and quivering looks. One who she can't keep from kissing even as she tells  him he has to earn her!! They can't be together and yet we all watch for their moments. We may feel for …

10 pm then and 10 pm now


Larger than Life

I started noticing that my mom has slowed down some in the past couple of years.  Now this was shocking to me as my mother is a tornado on uppers (and that's only for the speed in which she moves not for any destructive reasons).  She has always been this way.  I am an admittedly fairly in motion person myself, however, I like many tropical storms have periods of quiet rains before a flurry of activity ensues. 

My mom on the other hand has no "down time"... well she didn't my whole life until recently.  My earliest memories of her are with me, walking behind her talking  as she continuously cooked/cleaned/straightened/ ironed when she was home.  She worked full time but when she was home oh yeah she worked full time. The many dinner parties she and my Dad hosted and even the ones we went to at the circle of families my parents had consisted of her, and the other Moms, constantly in the kitchen and eating last.  They laughed and talked in those kitchens, believe confid…