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Last bell of the school year

Is there anything ever that you do at work that compares to that feeling you get when that last bell rings on the last day of school before summer vacation ????

I think not - I remember looking out the window, focus gone all week but then that last period would come and my entire class and I would glance at the clock and out the window, freedom was out there, legs jangling and then there it was the bell... awesomeness. 

Summer vacation when you are in school is just everything that is perfect about childhood.  There is the infinite possibilities of what to do.  In my current area of living this is about day camps and a lot of sleep away camps.   It is organization and obnoxious bills for this pleasure but the kids - well they love it.  It is about play and sports and theater and whatever else they do but it is not about school.  A little about school as there is always summer reading.  

It is perfect and for me as a kid growing up in Queens there was such freedom with this, more so than …

I'm the not so little girl with the great big curl....

Hair  -- they even made a musical about it - - Hair.   It is the stuff of biblical discussion (Samson - locks cut of course a woman is blamed.. queue Jimmy Buffet "maybe it's my own damn fault" and rethink all that woe is me he was a grown man who got a hair cut for f*&k's sake if that was all his power pretty lame).  It is the stuff some women need to shave off and wear a wig or cover up, or men cannot cut.   These doctrines seem pretty flimsy when you see it in writing - seriously if my hair makes you go over the edge to wanton behavior I am having a better hair day than I could ever imagine.

My relationship with my own hair is almost as complicated as my relationship with my weight (though the weight wins pretty much every time in terms of shit show).  

I am not sure if it is a planted or actual memory but when I was very young and very curly my mom was notorious for combing my hair (OOUUUCH - pre conditioner w a comb people) into this ponytail on top of my head…

Hey mom can I ask you a question?

I have found that this "mom can I ask you a question?" for some reason seems to be done when I am driving and cannot turn back of course or sideways, am trapped in car with child and needs me to turn down the volume on the radio and use that time to say after question has been posed "can you say that again?'.

This seems to be somewhat universal from discussions I have had with my group of mom friends.  Great strategy on the kids part - for all the reasons stated above.  They got you where they want you.

This past weekend I was driving my son and a few of his friends to a movie which reminded me 1) that they are growing up since they are requesting songs that either get bleeped on radio or have full on lyrics on Spotify leading me to ask if their parents are ok with them listening to this as I really do not have an issue with it 2) making sure that they understand that some songs really should be taken at rhythm value as no woman likes being called a ho no matter w…

Can you make new close friends as an adult?

I have always had no trouble making friends, as an only child I will say there are some things about me that are spot on with analysis.  I over share my things, most only children do since our parents heard that little diddy too and basically that is a constant reminder to us.  I tend to be self-sufficient to the point of an independence that bristles at even asking for help.  I am good with self-entertaining. Most of all I am very good at making friends and being able to pretty much function in almost any social setting.  I seek out people, I draw my energy from them.  I like my alone time, a lot, don't get me wrong but I thrive on social interactions too.

I tend to make friends and if I think of you as a friend, instead of social acquaintances, then I usually stick like glue.  My outer circle is in constant growth but my inner circle is small.  I believe in opening myself up to very few and yet I have no problem being there for many.  Most of all I tend to have long term frien…