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A kiss is still a kiss

 I just finished a book, Eleanor and Park, which (full disclosure it was Young Adult - but hey I was once young and now I am supposed to be an adult .. but still feel more young than always adult) was just such a trip down memory lane.

This time of year with summer ending and school summer I remember those days of those first "I will die if I can't be with him ... I am dying he doesn't like ....Oh please I'd rather die than be with him" romances.

There was awkwardness in them and if you are me .. well there was sarcasm.  Nothing will keep you from getting a big heartbreak if you can crack a joke, pretend you don't care, laugh at your own unruly hair (this before the word frizz was commonplace it was just weird) that doesn't ever flip in a ponytail that every commercial told me it should in the 70s and 80s.  The 80s were a huge hit with this girl - that giant hair, made even bigger with Aqua Net was now in style - those flippy hair girls were getting perms a…

Making time to be "the couple"

Ok there is always at least one couple that while I may like them at times make me want to gag a little.  You know they never fight they argue, productively.  She never rolls her eyes at him and he never snaps at her.  They hold hands when they walk to the parking lot after you go to dinner with them, a dinner maybe when at least once wanted to or actully did eye roll at your spouse.  That couple where he comes home and they talk about his day, her day, their children's accomplishments, the answer to world peace and of course how they will together make every decision about their kids.  Once they are done with the organic (or maybe grown with compost in backyard) gourmet dinner they cooked together in their granite countertop, Wolf appliance stocked kitchen they lovingly retire with their cognac to discuss if Homer's Odyssey and going to the Greek islands.  Most of all they seem to make time and want to be part of this duo. 

Yeah - well from what I have seen most of us are not …

Eternal friendships through the ether

You can easily hear the many cynics and others poo poo the way relationships and communications have evolved.  Yes, evolved - they are not the same as when we were kids, definitely far cry from our parents were younger and before that it's like a different planet.  That does not make them wrong, or better, or worse - evolution means adaptation (seems to be a theory lost on the creationist fanatics in too many ways) not necessarily total change.

My parents generation talked to their friends when they were kids out a window, or outside, or in their houses. I talked to my friends from my apartment window too but it was mostly to just say "Coming right down" or up to the window to say "yes I saw the streetlight am coming back up" -- the inflection for each totally different.   I talked to them on the phone and pre-cell world via notes in lockers during school, or passed ones in class.  On the phone - had this crazy long cord that I dragged away from my kitchen wher…

When Dad says no go ask Mom?

I know that there are couples that seem to agree on everything - but most of us, well we are not that couple.  That couple I bet do not ever disagree on parenting.  This is one of those topics where people either sigh and nod or proclaim with slight annoyance that this never happens to them. Most of us who have children together have the same ideas about the big things in parenting - or so we think because most people probably do not have long discussions about this until they are in the midst of it.  In our lives where the time for sit down, lengthy communication now has being interrupted by busy schedules and actual parenting what happens when you and the other parent disagree?  I was always of the mantra of a united front - then we can discuss how my husband did something I disagreed with (yes that only works one way because I am a total geek when it comes to parenting too - I ask for advice from my fellow moms, read psych topics on it, books and listen to my inner gut on what I …