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I know snow is pretty - until you have to shovel it, trudge through it, be cold from it and when it turns that particularly ugly grey black on city streets, well then it's not so pretty.  I do not see the point of skiing either, though I have been on numerous ski trips and locations - I have mastered the Black Diamond of Ski lounging but not for this girl the Michelin man inspired outfit, Herman Munster shoes and being hurtled down a mountain on what amounts to long toothpicks, after being lifted up the mountain on a cold bar that defies me to keep my center of gravity with the outfit described and my cupcake padded buttocks.  I feel some guilt as the boys would like to go snowboarding or at least attempt it - they are at that age when they still like snow as it means school closings, snowball fights and hot chocolate after sledding.  However, that guilt only extends to thinking about what lovely family friends would like to take them on their trip while I sit at home.

Now that we …

What will people remember about you

Last week a good friend of my mom's died suddenly.  She was in her 80s and while I know people do not like to hear it that is not young - it is old.  That word should not be so negative that we try and say things that "well it's not old for today's day and age" -- yeah actually it is.  Yet it is not a bad thing or even a good thing it is both and it is neither.  If you live to that age or older without being incapacitated, able to enjoy life then it is good to remember you have that many years of good moments to celebrate.  I for one know I am getting older - I do not want to lie or pretend about my age because who am I really fooling?  I know how old I am and what experiences would I cut out of my life with the years I shave off exactly.  It also does not make her death any easier for those around her.  

This weekend we also are surrounded by news of more and more horrifying deaths, over 2200 in Nigeria, the Charlie Hedbo killings, more rapes and deaths due to is…

I am just me (je suis moi)

I am relieved to see that we have not totally gone numb, cynical, shrug shouldered when atrocities happen.  That as a world murder still shocks us into taking a moment to not only weep but take stock of what we have.  This past week has really been an emotional rollercoaster in many ways for me. 

I did not read Charlie Hedbo - full confession I had not heard of it before - but I was still appalled at seeing 12 people killed over it.  The response was swift and mostly universal .. sadness, anger, staunch defense of free speech for a few days and then of course there are the people whose sole existence is to write or tweet or speak publicly in a way that just antagonizes or disagrees with whatever is happening.  
Of course there is also the opportunity to blame the jews (to some groups they are responsible for everything), to blame past christian acts (yep atrocious), blame the lack of religion in the staff (irony obviously lost on this group), attack the lack of "taste" this ma…

Back to the Future

I am a big movie lover and always have been.  I distinctly remember going to the movies to see Back to the Future, after all the DeLorean, Michael J Fox and going to one of my favorite eras in time (the 50s - yes the movie 50s because they look ever so cool) was big draw for me.  I liked the movie. Then they came out with Back to the Future 2 and I liked that movie too.  After all the idea of going far forward in time was appealing - a future that was not all apocalyptic as most movies are about the future.  Even now let's face it while we smile at the ever constant flying car that is in pretty much every future based movie it is usually a world dark, grey, destroyed by each other/aliens/wars/ diseases and of course some sort of zombies may make an appearance.   I guess showing us a place where we fixed our then "ozone hole" issues, helped one another move beyond war to more peace, discovered a way to fly far enough to possibly even understand alien lifeforms is not what…