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The Atheist's Dilemma

"Imagine there's no's easy if you hell below us...above us only sky" John Lennon

I have worked my way from Romanian Orthodox to agnostic to atheist throughout my lifetime.  It is not that easy because being Romanian and many of the customs that I associate with my Romanian identity are sort of mixed up Orthodox rituals. I am not alone in this - there are many who struggle to pass along a heritage to their children but a part of them no longer believes in the religion that they were raised in. 

We are a blended family.  I of the Orthodox background and my husband of the Jewish and Protestant family.  Neither of our families were particularly religious but in mine I know that it was a great ritual to do Easter.  Christmas rocks.. let's face it there is something awesome in the air about it.  I think Jesus was just a good guy and still worth celebrating a man who preached peace and kindness and (yes I read religious texts to get to my current stat…

To video game or not to video game

This is an ongoing debate in our house.  My youngest son is incredibly attracted to video games...ok addicted if we were to allow it.  He is incredibly good at Xbox,  Wii,  app games, computer games and there is something to the strategy and focus he can devote to these. Yet the worry is there ..will he start to blur the line between fiction and reality, will he become anti-social, live in his room, because a psycho, drop out ...or will this lead to Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Zuckeberg brilliance..gaming billionaire - topple Google?????

The rule is that he is not allowed Xbox or Wii during the week - limiting to weekends.  They watch very little TV during the week since they leave early in the day with 2 working parents and get home in time for dinner and homework.  The hour or so left after that is all they have to unwind and start again.  My older son likes TV but video games bore him after a while.  

For every study that tells me how I am failing my child by letting them play these game…

I blinked and they were grown...

I am not sure how it happens - my husband's slight hoarder personality, the lack of time, boxing to throw out papers that need time to actually get sifted - but somehow periodically I have a bit of a meltdown and start to purge the ever growing kid homework, bills paid, toys piles.  It feels great.  This must be done with the stealth of a Mission Impossible moment - drop down from ceiling, eliminate items, make sure the Chaos corp (my 2 sons and husband) never know you were there...tannnana tanannan ta na.....(bad attempt at the MI music).

As I was doing this the other day I came across 2 wonderful boxes of pictures -- from back in the day when I was actually getting so many more printed than I currently am.  This leads to the dilemma I face to declutter I keep pics on my laptop, unprinted but available, but I worry about losing laptop info still does not inspire total confidence but do not want to add to what is supposed to be a job of cleaning out.  These boxes that I h…