The Splitter

Bet so many people will think different things seeing the title and then wonder at the picture.  Some will think of a gymnast who does splits well, some maybe an ax or something else that cuts wood, a type of baseball pitch, the person who got between you and your honey.  All valid none accurate for what I am thinking of.

I saw a movie a while ago, which I had to buy the soundtrack for (love good soundtracks but especially really good ones that were original music), called Begin Again.  The movie basically is about how the music business is more business than music, I know eye roll duh who doesn't know that - I think artists keep hoping it isn't, and this young girl who came over with her boyfriend from the UK to the States as he starts his meteoric rise.  Predictably he goes on tour and of course he succumbs to the adoration.  She is a song writer and meets a label owner who is a drunk, a basic fuck up but who knows his stuff.  Movie is not rocket science but I will not give away the parts that were not predicatble - they are worth seeing and trust me the soundtrack is good.  You will walk away feeling slightly giddy and how many movies these days can claim that?!

In one scene the girl and the label guy are walking around the city and he convinces her to let him listen to the music on her iphone as they do this.  Woahhhh said I watching it - that is intimate.  I know they are fully clothed and it is not a sex scene but for me she may have as well stripped in the middle of the city.  I have a lot, okay a lot I know I spend money on books and music am so over having to explain to anyone why this is not a bad thing because if you ask the question you cannot possibly understand those of us who find these things essentials to our well being.  I have a lot of music on there - much of it transferred from my cds, other bought as MP3s.

So for me to share this with someone as they scroll through the music well that really is as intimidating as that first time you have to take your clothes off in front of someone.  You know the moment after the kissing takes a break.  He is there (or she or both I do not judge), maybe lying back on the bed.  You have known each other for a bit (defined by you of course as hours or weeks or whatever), enough of a bit that not only are you about to fool around, you are (am so thinking men do not think this much at that moment but I know women do) wondering did I wear the matching panties bra set, is the lighting ok, goodness how long can I hold my breath and really is there no invisible giant vacuum that I could have in back of me to make me look total taut, why is he looking so intently (my understanding from the male friends I have is they usually are thinking through all that - umm get undressed already cause I am so happy to score)?  That is how I feel if someone wanted to look at my song list.  This is because 1) you would only get that close if I felt that intimate with you 2) much like the other scenario it could be firework awesome and we could love the same ones, have you nod your head impressed at some, ask me about others and laugh out loud at the bad choices or you could be too quick a glancer no real interest like a premature dismisser or worse make a snarky remark not understanding that at some point I danced and still will sing along to Ace of Base.  

So what is a splitter - it is a small device you plug into your listening device of choice and you can have 2 people plug their headphones into it.  I picture myself either in the city enjoying the walk and the people and the laughter of trying to not be separated or the beach sitting next to one another, smell of the ocean in front of us, sand at our feet, reading books and connected by a splitter - like a little life line.  I got flushed just thinking of it.  Take a look at your playlists and song choices and then who would you share your splitter with ????


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