The Sister Wife Club

Mother's Day week so worthy of being a 2 blog week.  

Of all the things that I have discovered about being a mother, total all engulfing love/patience/yelling at my kids/repeating some of the things my parents did and carefully avoiding others and so on, the biggest surprise for me has been the Sister Wife club.

To start I love that we took a misogynistic concept where women, and much too young girls, are given no choice and put together as wives to serve some man are termed Sister Wives and turned it on it's ass.  We own it now and boy that would make those men shudder .. yes!!! 

The Sister Wife club is essential in my life as it is in the lives of my fellow Sister Wives.  It is about the sisterhood created in this town for our children and for ourselves.  It is the way we split up responsibilities - you take the kids to baseball because I can't get there in time from work and you work from home and I will drive them after practice ends.  It is one of us gets sick or hurt and the others don't bat an eye at offering everything from driving duties to wine to get you through it.  The sisterhood comes in to offer babysitting to one another. Sometimes for a few hours and other times for an overnight or longer.   

There are the communal watches -- that's right kids one of us always knows what is going on and will take measures should you need them.  These include covering one another at the school trips some of us cannot make as we cannot take that day off and the other sister wife can and making sure we include the kids whose moms didn't make it that day of presentations into our family circle, telling the kid the mom asked us to make sure we let them know she was thinking of them.  That smile from the kids was priceless - they were not without parental representation. The sisterhood lends clothes to kids and each other. They swap or sell things to one another and have a resource for everything with a review.  

My sister wife circle, there are a few circles but they all will jump in as needed,  is made up of my friend Dori (whose kids and mine know each other as cousins by their own choice) and I cannot tell you how many times we have leaned on one another.  My other is Michele whose family we no longer envision not being on our summer vacations and who we can easily jump in for one another as needed.   I also have cousin wives like Deb who baseball would not be happening without, Anna and Karina who ensure that I have a smile on my face at any given event and will corral children with me, Jill who we rely on to balance the siblings as the small ones and big ones can have their own time but at the same time. There are my best friends Elli and Julie, who live no where near me but I know would jump at the chance to help me and have.  There is my Virtual BFF Kris who understands my need to vent at 7 am about the sock problem our children seem to share.   This town is full of them. There are my work wives who cover for me so I can leave as needed as I do for them and who have listened to me fret and who are as good at medical and educational information as any reputable website - but with a hug at the end. 

The Sister Wives are there for one another  - we support each other, we make each other laugh and most of all we enable each other to be ourselves and do for ourselves because they have our backs as we have theirs.  We don't tear each other down because life has shown us that we are much better when we are united.  We totally dress much better than the male subjugated SWs and let's face it that hairstyle becomes no one.    Happy Mother's Day to my sister wives - I love you all and love who we are when we are funny, drinking, eating, complaining and wondering how could 2 innings of little league seem like an eternity.  It has surprised me how much I need this network and how much they seem to need me too.  The Sister Wife club is all about what we need - so careful out there -- the SWs in the fundamentalist clan may look over and realize that our Sister Wife club is the one they really want to be in.



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