The world is going crazy

You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
You tell me that it's evolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
But when you talk about destruction
Don't you know that you can count me out
Don't you know it's gonna be all right.......Lennon/McCartney

So between shootings around the globe ...and I was so sure just tough gun laws would be the answer but then the psycho in Norway proved even a country with all the things the nice liberals tell us we need (really strict gun rules, national healthcare, a great attitude toward sex) proved that crazy is crazy and is going to be crazy.

I know crazy is not a nice term but am thinking if you shoot up innocent strangers you have forfeited many things including the right to ask for the politcally correct term on your crazy ass behavior.  People shake their heads and say the world is coming to an end, that we are becoming violent, that we need more government or less government interference.  Everyone knows what the other side needs to keep it from going crazy - but the reality - get ready for the scary part - we have no control and probably never have.  Maybe that is why so many people are still or just going to religion - a promise of a better less chaotic place after this one or at worst a more chaotic uncertain place somewhere below.  Maybe that is why so many people want to cram laws down our throats.  I am all about better eating, understand that smoking is not good for me or those inhaling it by me, and breastfed my children.  I, however, could not be more annoyed by the way people feel they can take anti-smoking to extremes (yes I can smoke in my apartment because hate to break it to you if you live in an urban area the pollution you breathe is more likely to harm you then the totally baseless claim that you will get it through walls), soda bans - I mean seriously I do not even drink soda but I do not need the government in my gut cause most ehem calorically challenged people I see usually are woofing down 2 big Macs with a diet soda (not covered by the ban and probably more chemically bad for you than even the guy smoking in his apartment 14 floors above you).  Then there is the new "formula is crack" gestapo.  Yes breastfeeding is better but formula is NOT crack or even smoking or even soda and making a woman who has gone through what is at best an exhausting experience and at worst an incredibly painful one not even hear the choice of formula unless she asks is just cruel - who are you to get into my life that way ??? Actually I know who you are - the right wing marriage is between a man and woman - left wing vegan is the only way to live - fundamentalists who are no better on either side than the Taliban that is so abhorred in the West.   Or any other terrorists - after all by definition terrorists want to disrupt a way of life by imposing their beliefs on you.  

So yes we should have easy information about bad food (I for one have found it very helpful to see the calorie count on menus to help me make choices throughout the day) or good food choices.  Women should have access to breastfeeding coaches and be told that this is not only the healthier option for both baby and herself but also cheaper.  Smoking in public places should not be allowed. EPA, FDA and other government is necessary to help institutions remember that we are not just consumers but human beings who deserve to not be mistreated at work or in our food and enviornment.  No it should not be easier to buy ammo on the internet that it is to buy Sudafed.

The world has always been crazy, read a little history and you will know that.  There is a violent side to human nature that defies laws and which no religion has ever seem to do more than aggravate and use for it's own benefits.  The world though has also always been a place of great creativity, wonder, love and incredibly flawed lovable people. So here is my crazy thought - STOP - make it hard to get guns and easy to get good non chemically laden food - remember the fault of the killer(s) lies with them not what we should have done differently and let people take personal responsibilty for their actions.  More rules and laws have always proven to be nothing more than things people get around - but balanced law and education now there's a crazy request ....


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