Summer Days drifting away ..

But oh those summer nights...oh I swear I blink and summer is half way gone - though  my eyes do start scanning the shelves in magazine kiosk for that giant issue of the fashion rags (love them - fashion the thing my wallet is too small for and by body too big for -- but which I just love looking at) which comes toward the end of summer and I start thinking of ways to extend every moment of this season that I love so much. 

Summer with it's long daylight and balmy nights - reminding me of summer loves that I had in years past.  The days spent trying to control (and losing) my hair which grows to porno size blonde frizz - days at the beach enjoying the smell of the salty ocean (something so sexy about that) and playing with the kids there.  Summer with it's light clothing and need for very little make up - come on I know that sunscreen is a must (and use it) but let's face it those of us who are pasty in the winter all seem that much better looking and glowing in the summer (the burners reading this need not do more than shake their heads).  

I think of this point where I would start counting down the days to school starting - new clothes (for high school it was a bit ironic since we had to wear blue or grey skirts and white shirts with a collar - yet every year I had to try and get something more in style, different than year before - you know so I could roll up that skirt to the point where it was just a slight cover and make sure that blouse had a collar that could stay up - it was the 80s it looked cool ).  I loved and still love school supply shopping ( my friend's company Hampton Paper Designs has the coolest stuff that I wish I had access to as a kid and fully buy as much of for the "boys" as I do for the "me").  I love a new notebook and trying out pens - hate black ink and always looking for the perfect tip in a world where hand writing anything is quickly disappearing.  

This blog is much like Seinfeld - about nothing - because really I am just getting a bit sad about summer going by so fast.  I like Fall, and like fall fashions, but the beach will be missed and that nasty cold winter will come much too fast.  I get a little nostalgic about those summer loves (and smile at the memories of them) but it leads me to think of relationships ending along with my favorite season.   

I plan on enjoying as much of this season as I can - stretching it to what we used to call Indian Summer (is that now Native American summer ? oh how I hate the over PC vocab) -- continuing to read the list of books I keep adding to my "summer" list and looking to get stuck skin to skin while sharing a kiss...

Here is a list of some books that I recently read and really liked - in case you need some summer reading;

Under the Banner of Heaven - non-fiction but reads like a novel - a mix of Handmaid's Tale women's oppression and a bit of US like Taliban  - all in the name of a religion -- EXCELLENT 
Gone Girl - if you do not get surprised by this witty plot twist you are a cynical liar - cause no one predicts it
Tigers In Red Weather - told from 4 characters' perspectives, well written and makes you wonder how the people who share a moment with you would describe that moment
The Chaperone - read it before the movie
Fifty Shades Triology - because it is easy to read and everyone else has read it so you can at least say why you didn't like it
and a bunch more in my profile -


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