Going through hell to get to Sin City....

Shut up and put your money where your mouth is
That's what you get for waking up in Vegas...Katy Perry

I always heard you had to sin to go to hell...but as my recent experience, and it was a "good" one, on airlines proved ...nope here on earth you have to go through hell to get to Sin City. 

I recently went to Vegas for the first time ever.  I have to admit it is not a destination that really made it to my travel list, I do not gamble and for the most part and it looked kind of cheesy.  I know, I hear it all the time, the hotels are nice, there are great shows, the shopping is terrific....all good but really I live outside of New York, with access to Boston when we are at our weekend place so I have all the shows, shopping and hotel bars I can actually fit into a working mother's schedule, no real need to fly 5 hours to it.  This trip was a freebie though ....so bit hard to pass on that and after a few weeks of grey skies a trip to a sunny destination was most appealing.  So we nicely voluntold my Mother that she would be watching our kids, what a relief when she agreed, and off we were.  

I recently watched a Mad Men episode where they were flying and boy as I boarded my flight do I feel cheated as a generation.  Not only do I have to deal with more screening due to an increase in idiots who think blowing up their crotch area will get them to some sort of virgin buffet (umm question is even shall we allow for said virgin buffet to exists..considering you just blew up your needful organ am going with they are same virgins guy who goes next gets dude).  I also have to ensure all my liquids are 3 oz and have to understand rules of packing never before understood except in bento box designs.  After arriving with almost as much time as the flight takes at the airport I am now required by airlines to pay for any luggage I check in...shall I ask naively how come that is no longer included in the ticket which is now more expensive than in years past where same luggage was not an extra charge?  So I pay since husband has insisted on packing more than carry on would allow.  He seems to actually pay attention to the signs that say something about your carry on being a size that does not require Hulk like strength to lift up and place in overhead container.  I line up, take off shoes, put things into bins and then off to the gate.  The plane...hmm where there used to be 2 seats there are now 3 -- seems bit anti "the world is getting fatter" media hype to now squeeze people in smaller spaces -- and there are no pillows, blankets or any other things I took for granted in years past.  There is also no more food except for purchase, if you are looking into first class (which roomier still not as swank as it used to be either) from cattle class, the items for purchase are not better than the nasty free stuff I used to get on flights. I watched Mad Men with their over-sized chairs, their real silverware, their lack of carry-on-because-I-do-not-want-to-pay and the fact that they dressed up (I mean honestly I am not advocating for return of suits but can we undo the sloppy in public period).  Yep we are cheated...and made to pay for it ....

Vegas..with it's undersized skirts, over high shoes that girls walked in as if they were stuck in mud, boys who were drunk, silicone and faux (from people to hotel lobbies) did not fail to entertain a people watcher like me.  The hotels were new ...and big...and packed....the restaurants that were celebrity chef showcases very good (elegant even when the guests seemed to not be in their appearance) and most of all it was unique.  People have asked me what I thought...interesting is all that comes to mind...excellent few days of pool side relaxation...not a destination I would return to on my own dollar.  It is a city of lights and exxcess (not misspelled) and guess a mecca for gamblers.  However, if I am going to go through the continually diminishing experience of flying well I want to make sure that I have a Jon Hamm shiver of delight when I reach my destination....


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