Boys of Summer

Guess it is hard not to want summer romances - after all movies, plays and music have a multitude of stories about hot, steamy days and nights spent enjoying vacations, sun, the beach and of course the boys of summer.  I think back with fond memories of the many vacations I took with and without my family and of course of the boys that made those summers.

My friend Mary and I went with her parents to Virgina Beach one year when I was about 12.  We drove there, sitting in the back of their station wagon singing (no walkmen yet), talking, most likely complaining about the drive and looking forward to being together.  As only children these trips with another child were really special.  When we arrived at the house we were renting, an attached dwelling, we found the family next door to us had 2 boys.  They were roughly our age, well one was, the older boy was I believe around 16.  I do not remember their names but I do remember how excited the 2 of us were, after all every preteen movie and book we had ever encountered prepped us for a summer of crushes.  I remember the older boy well for his soft, straight hair that fell over his eyes.  The younger brother played with us, badminton, and was really nice.  The older one had a "girlfriend" and was pissed off about being on vacation away from her we were told. I distinctly remember the day before they were leaving my butterfly going over the fence next door, the older brother (I just remembered Michael was his name) helped me go find it and kissed me on the lips.  No words, no nothing just a soft kiss and then he walked away.  Nope...nothing else happened but it was my first boy of summer.

There was of course my sweet neighbor whose parents had sent him back to Europe to school, who only came in summers, and who I snuck out after dark and talked to for about 3 years every summer from 8th grade through 10th...lots of talking with stolen kisses.  There was the boy I wanted to leave my family for when I was 19 and stay in Italy with, my father laughed at that one, but distance ended that love affair ....though must say his way of saying "Giuliana bella" still can make me smile when I think of it.  He looked like a tall Elvis!! There was the man I almost moved to Europe for as an adult.  There was Gilbert from my first trip to Spain, he was from Queens and looked a lot like the drummer from Depeche Mode...something I found sexy at the time though in retrospect sun-in blonde hair may not have been as cool as I thought at the time.  I met my husband, as a friend, one summer.  In writing this I realize the men that had my heart were all summer loves...guess this way I have someone to cozy up with in winter.  

I am sure we all have these summer flings, at the time loves of our lives, and they are great.  They remind us that when we fall for someone the sun shines just as if it was summer all the time.  The anticipation of that kiss...the hand holding...the whole flying over the ocean through your heart !  Sentimental, romantic and overall serves the purpose to make us feel good at the moment and in our to you the boys of my summers I say all made my summers that much hotter and my older years full of memories of those days.

Summer loving had me a blast
Summer loving happened so fast....Grease


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