Royal Wedding...Feast for All

The Royal Wedding......At first I thought it seemed so outdated, an antiquarian notion to pay any homage to a monarchy.  It's not like the Royal family actually has any significant power politically anymore.  There is so much going on in the world that such a use of funds for this event seemed really out of touch for the people involved.  However, the more I read about this young couple the more I have been converted.  He is a man who uses his sphere of influence wisely and, as anonymously as his position allows, to do charitable work.  She seems very much to be the type of woman who will embrace her new position for much of the same.

I, much like the rest of the world, do not know this couple except for the public clippings but the talk of their wedding is much like that of a family member, very personal and opinionated.  In a world where there are so many wars, terrorism, natural disasters, poverty and a host of other depressing events this wedding maybe what we need.  A marriage is a beginning, a celebration of love, of progression.  It is the place that we are reminded that the greatest of all our gifts is the connection to another human being.  This wedding has captured so many because it is about that scary, volatile  For a brief moment even the most cynical will be quieted as they say "I do".

May all who find love and want to marry get the ability to do so.  Let us not judge those who chose to celebrate their love and marry only in their hearts nor those who chose all the pomp and circumstance they can find, be they queens of any kind.  Love and passion should be what we strive for and not what we criticize or restrain.  Yes, the money could be spent on a host of needy causes but they have enough to do that and still spend on what makes them happy as well.  For a brief moment during the, what I am sure will be, mass media coverage of this event, in the country where Romeo and Juliet were written to be apart maybe love will conquer misery (for a brief moment at least).....and look pretty gorgeous doing it.


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